Growing herbs - it's time to sow

Let us have a garden, balcony, patio or just a windowsill, you can get yourself to create your own little herb garden. Nothing is better than fresh herbs at your fingertips, plus they are a feast for the eye and caress the soul fragrance ..

We can as soon as possible to enjoy their own fresh herbs, is important to their timely sowing and předpěstování. The first month of spring, when the sun is gaining strength and lengthen the days is the time for sowing. Předpěstování herbs faster if we germinating seeds to ensure a stable warmer climate with plenty of light and regular watering. This is currently best suited to the home environment and the location of sowing containers in the room behind the window.

There are many popular and less demanding types of herbs that you can successfully grow a beginner. One of them, such as chives, basil , parsley, oregano, marjoram, sage , mint , thyme, savory, and more. Seeds can be found today in a wide range not only by the needs of gardeners, but also in supermarkets, grocery, etc. The success of seeding is important to use fresh seed, either their own from the previous year, or check the date on the package. The seeds are fresher, the better we chance of success.

What are the appropriate containers for sowing?
Can be sown in pots or boxes of classic, but you can use different pots, boxes, bowls, etc. It depends on whether she will serve only to container předpěstování, or the steady growth of herbs. If you do not transplant the seedlings into pots or other on a bed, choose a container not only practical but also decorative. If you want to only předpěstovat herbs at home, we can use a special room miniskleníky and greenhouses that maintain optimal climate for seed germination and growth of young plants.

The choice of suitable soil for sowing
Herbs usually are not too demanding on the richness of the substrate, especially, we should ensure that the soil is not too heavy, which would not be conducive germination and rooting especially young plants. If we have a heavier soil, simply mixed with a little sand, respectively. peat. However, you can also purchase a special substrate, intended for direct sowing and předpěstování. Commercially available substrates for growing flowers that are too large pieces of soil or woody parts, not for sowing best choice herbs.

How to properly sown seeds of herbs?
With some exceptions, we should sow the seeds thinly, too thick beds with seeds have a great chance of proper development of strong plants. The dense sowing can be useful chives, which grow in the growth of the cluster, but other herbs require more space for root development and branching aboveground parts.
By sowing herbs are divided into those that germinates on the surface of the substrate and such that germinate under a thin layer of soil. This figure should be indicated on the packaging bag with seeds. When it comes to germinating seeds under a layer of soil, we make sure that the layer is not too thick soil nepěchujeme pressure only eats seeds gently sprinkle. (Typically about 0.5 cm).

As water germinating seeds?
Classic way of watering konévkou with nozzle is not completely optimal in the first days of germination, which still have root and therefore are not firmly anchored in the soil. Excellent contrast is a mechanical sprayer of water we normally use such as irrigation services. Fine water mist spray of water the seeds initially 1-2x a day. Adequate soil moisture simply check the finger, we must not let it dry out, the seeds nezavadla and did not die. Until the plants creates a root system is watered from above, then we can pour water into podmisky.
Germination at different plants vary in length, most are between 1-2 weeks. The stable climate germinating seeds give, the greater our chance of success. We can use a little trick and the first container with the seeds about two weeks to cover the clear glass or transparent plastic foil, clay us dry and secure and stable temperature. At a time when plants grown size about 1-2 cm, glass or foil slip.

Transplanting young seedlings
Plants about one month old are usually strong enough to be able to manipulate them and carefully transplanted to the selected container. As a device for use přepichovací pin pricking or eg reverse side of spoon, one after transplanting seedlings at reasonable intervals into a new container with properly moistened soil. In the first days after transplanting we monitor soil moisture and carefully watered. If we want to grow herbs outside, it is good to gradually get used to the climate change, initially protect them from direct sunlight or excessive wind and rain. The optimal time to move out of the herbs turn of April and May, depending on weather.

Cheers to view
Herbs are plants not only useful and healing, but also beautiful and decorative. Make it grow inside of a house or apartment for the window or on the balcony, windowsill, patio or garden, many more stand out for their beauty when placed in decorative containers and pots. Suits them particularly fast and powerful ceramic containers, such as old sádelňák casserole or scrubbing the grandmother, or so-called strawberry pot-shaped barrel with several openings for plant growth. Will need to excel in a wicker basket lined with a plastic film, or any suitable container so that we were pleased for the eye.


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