Gifts of autumn

Autumn was for our ancestors always been a symbol of harvest and preparation of supplies for the winter time digging potatoes and threshing, time picking apples and cabbage shredding, drying mushrooms and nuts collection .. today, when packed in our supermarkets buy anything, anytime, this time as if lost in its atmosphere and symbolism .. I wonder, is not that a shame?

.. Even before nature is saved to hibernate, will offer us a lot of beautiful views of the morning mist in the valley, dotted with dew and cobwebs glittering crown of trees in all colors flames .. and much more ..

In the woods, on hillsides and along roads for us to meet a lot of useful, fragrant and tasty fruits of autumn, all the mushrooms, nuts, malvice, berries ..
Let's see .. at least three of them, beautiful to look at, comfortable to touch and healthy for the body ..

Rowan - fruits ash, bright orange berries bitter about which there is a superstition that they can be toxic .. it is not, it's really just a myth. It is true that raw fruits consumed in large quantities could cause nausea in someone. They would therefore prefer to use just dried and heat-treated, thereby removing this potential unpleasant effect. Rowanberries used by our ancestors in many ways, roasted, even as a substitute for coffee. These fruits are still widely used in folk medicine. They contain many important vitamins, such as large amounts of vitamin C and A, which can significantly contribute to the overall strengthening of the body for winter. Tea made ​​from the dried berries has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract. It works slightly laxative, helping with ailments such as constipation and hemorrhoids. It is also a diuretic, stimulates lymph flow and helps to clean our body, it is recommended to drink even when rheumatism and other joint problems. Similar effects have also pickles, compotes and jams from berries, their bitter taste can alleviate such as adding apples, cinnamon and a little lemon. Lovers have a bitter taste with rowan a little easier and their typical taste, you will surely love. Drying should we first hung in airy rooms in the original clusters, after several days it otrháme from the stems and dosušíme.

Rose hips - fruits wild roses, deep red glossy fruits that are known for their high vitamin C content. Though unfortunately drying portion of this vitamin disappearing, so are a great addition to fruit and herbal teas not only for the winter season, to boost immunity and fight with colds. In addition, they taste very pleasant. It also contains some B vitamins, vitamin A, pectin, magnesium, calcium, iron and other beneficial substances in our body. Rose hips are formerly widely used for making pickles and jams, but since the need to remove the inner part of the fetus with nucleoli and fine hair, the way to handle this is really time consuming. Drying fruits is definitely the easiest way for further use. Rosehips, we want to dry we should harvest before the first frost at temperatures below zero přemrzají, soften and lose vitamin C. Drying should preferably ajar oven or food dryer to a maximum temperature of 50 ° C. To add to tea just podrtit fruits and tea, then strain through a very fine sieve.

Trnka - thorny plum fruits, dark blue balls with a bitter taste typically contain large amounts of vitamin C and tannins. Unlike plum acting laxative, sloes contrast can successfully fight against diarrheal diseases and lighter Cathars digestive tract. To this end, we can either eat fresh fruit, or drink infusion and decoction of dried. When eating fresh fruit most of us probably immediately stretched face into an expression called "grin", fresh fruits are really bitter and literally "scrub in the mouth." There is an old but effective trick to improve their taste - let go with the first frost, which soften the sweeter and alleviate their sting. Modern technology, that our great-grandmothers did not have available, we can make things even more easier. We do not wait for the first frost, we can reap the fruits before and a few hours to put them into the freezer, thus achieve the same effect. Thus přemrzlé sloes are then also suitable for the production of pickles, juices or spirits. Acer partially disappears in drying fruits, which we use for tea, we can sweeten with honey. Trnka should be dried at temperatures around 40-50 ° C, and good air circulation.

Finally .. one sloe tip: Britons for many generations to add ripe sloe gin bottles, where leave to macerate for several months. This gives rise to the so-called "Sloe Gin - sloe gin," which is very popular among gourmets. The longer swim sloes in gin, the delicious taste give it. I tasted .. and I also have one bottle in the pantry from a quarter blue sloes .. Now just hold out for at least six months, o)

.. So next time you go to the countryside .. Trip colorful autumn landscape .. absorb the fragrance and enjoy the atmosphere .. do not forget your home basket treasures ..

The author Gifts of autumn: Michaela Vorlová