Fig and sweet figs and healing

Buddha is said to the fig tree got its spiritual enlightenment .. Biblical wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus, often resting in the shade of a fig tree crown. The fruits of this in many regions of the sacred tree, however, have medicinal properties especially for our body ..

Sycamore fig tree is a tree or shrub that can grow up to 10 meters height. It comes from Asia, where he found his wild specimens in Europe occurs mainly in the warm regions of the Mediterranean. We can grow in our country, but it requires warm and wintering habitat is recommended to move it to your home or greenhouse, or grow stronger bred varieties.
The fig tree is an ancient cultural plant records of its cultivation, there is already from the period around 3000 BC

For the sale of fresh figs, the fruit is picked before they are ripe, as they will not last several transport and handling. When harvesting blasting using gloves, latex milk contained in the immature fruits can irritate the skin. Most often, however figs for resale dry, high sugar content gives them a long shelf life without chemical treatment.

Substances contained in fruits fig tree
Fresh figs contain 70-80% water and about 25% carbohydrates. They are rich in vitamin A pro-vitamins, they also contain vitamins B, smaller amounts of vitamin C and potassium. Dried figs have a high weight proportion of sugar, normally around 50-70%, so they are an excellent source of immediate energy. The dried and fresh figs found relatively large amounts of protein, amino acids, pectin and fiber, a combination of ingredients makes them the health benefits of fruit.

Medicinal benefits of figs
Previously, for therapeutic purposes to process the leaves and bark of the tree from which they made ​​various ointments and compresses to pain, ulcerative disease, hardened lumps and bumps under the skin.
Today, commonly used in medicine only fig fruits, both fresh and dried.
The high fiber content makes the figs ideal natural remedy for digestive problems, especially intestinal insufficiency and impaired intestinal microflora - a few fruits eaten zapitých glass of water is highly functional natural laxative that can be used in acute in the case of so-called congestion. This property figs, but we can also use a milder way to prevent, during the day when we eat some fruit between meals. Is beneficial not only for our intestines laxative effect, while experiencing the cleaning and removal of settled pollutants.
The high sugar content in dried fruits can serve as an immediate source of energy. Since it is an unrefined sugars are immediately released into the blood and used by the body, the fear that we would after eating figs gained weight, is unnecessary. On the contrary, they can be used as part of a program for weight loss because it 3-4 dried fruits can zasytit us up for a few hours.
For us lesser known use figs, their application for colds, coughs, bronchitis and the like. Folk healers recommend to eat fruits and drink regular infusions of figs. Ingredients have established the ability to dissolve mucus in the respiratory tract, are recommended in the case of chronic respiratory diseases.
The same cleaning effect with figs and the kidneys and urinary tract. Is a mild diuretic and can dissolve contaminants established by the kidneys in the form of kidney stones or sand. The ancient healers describe in their books increased renal excretion of sand in their patients after prolonged use decoction.
Recipe for decoction: 6 dried figs, slice and cook for 15 min. in 0.5 liters of water. Drain, honey sweetened to taste. Tea is suitable eg for cough, colds, bronchitis, for cleaning the kidneys and urinary tract.

Figs in the kitchen
As we have already mentioned above, the figs are a healthy alternative for those of us who like sweet-teeth candy. Content unrefined sugar, fiber, pectin and vitamins, no candy or chocolate bar beats.
Figs, but there are also many ways to use in the preparation of drinks and meals. It is made ​​of these juices, syrups, marmalades, jams and confectionery, or can be used for making fruit cakes and gourmet sauces for meat dishes. In southern areas of Europe with figs also used for cooking and stuffed meat.

For inspiration, we show a simple recipe for making home-made confectionery from figs, according to Paul Vana - the fig balls:
Ingredients: 1 package of figs, 1 tablespoon rum, grated coconut
- Odstopkujeme figs and grind finely (preferably in the meat grinder), add a tablespoon of rum and mix well, shape into balls and coat in coconut.

What care should be taken when eating figs?
Excessive consumption of figs may be nežádanému effect - digestive problems and diarrhea, as well as the excessive consumption of cherries. Laxative effect is greater when the figs some water or other liquids, this fruit then we enjoy in moderation.
I remember very well on his own experience, when I was a hot day at sea ate a bowl of fresh, chilled in the fridge figs. Tasted wonderful and were extremely refreshing, like a glass of orange juice that followed .. But the rest of the afternoon, I was too neopálila ..


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The author Fig and sweet figs and healing: Michaela Vorlová