Effective skin protection while sunbathing

Do you like my skin color honey? Or maybe even chocolate? Or you are among those who will guard the sun and spends the summer in the shade? For both cases, we have some useful natural types on hot summer days .. for speed freaks and whites!

Some people either can not or do not want to expose your skin to sunlight, whether it be health or aesthetic reasons. But there are still a great many of those who love the sun, setting his nose at every possible opportunity, some even able to bake for hours and my sunbathing swear. The sun is a messenger for many good mood, and when the long off, comes at them through cold turkey bad mood and lack of energy.
Whether we are a believer in white skin or chocolate, we should protect her as she protects our entire body because it life-giving sun can hurt her.

Needless to largely dismantle all known risks and chronically sun. All communication media on us every year in the summer time they rub warning about ozone holes, doctors warn against skin cancer and eye damage, beauticians from rapid aging of the skin and excessive formation of wrinkles. All in unison recommended not to expose themselves for a long time, intense sunlight .. and when he does, delete, delete, delete and drink, drink and drink.

Tan - what is it?
The tan skin is not simply, nothing more than a protective response against the skin to sunlight. Spodnějších in their skin layers form a substance called melanin that solar radiation rises to the upper parts of the skin, pigment along the way and settle in its upper part. By our skin that gives honey to brown tint. When we talk about color of skin types, actually talking about genetic programming to the ability of the skin to form melanin. This means that the lighter skinned people lobster type has less ability to form this substance, and vice versa type darker skinned people have this ability later. Higher the darker skin naturally, the larger the defenses against solar radiation, and vice versa. Protecting but we should all, and not only the various creams, but also hides the internal reinforcing means. Very effective in this case is a sufficient supply of the body of beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene as an elixir in bikini
Beta-carotene is a provitamin of vitamin A.'s Body from the beta-carotene form the optimal level of vitamin A necessary and uneaten leftovers in it settle. The recommended daily dose has not been accurately determined, because there is no overdose almost, just kind of border security, which is around 100-200mg per day. This is a really big pile of carrots or a handful of common betakarotenovych capsules.
Natural sources of beta carotene include carrots already mentioned, carrots, apricots, peaches, nectarines, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, peas and more, especially yellow-orange fruits and dark green vegetables, but also the egg yolk. Beta-carotene is fat-soluble, it is important to eat foods containing the fat together. Body and allow the absorption of food, without the presence of fat in its use greatly reduced. By carrot salad So add a little olive oil and peaches we'll cream and the like.
We also have The dipozici lot of food supplements with its contents.
Optimal beta-carotene is used regularly, the body is generally very beneficial. It is a powerful antioxidant and thus protects the cells of our body against many diseases, malignant degeneration and proliferation. Slows aging skin and the whole body. If we have plenty of it in the body, helps to protect our skin from burning because it stimulates the production of pigment and discoloration of the skin. Some people suffer from allergic skin reaction to strong solar radiation that is reflected in an itchy rash in areas of the neck, chest, as well as other areas of the body with sensitive skin. Here again, the beta-carotene of great help in many cases while taking these allergic reactions disappear. With regular use of beta-carotene, we can notice that we stains the skin without tanning. The effect, of course, is not so significant, but getting healthier skin color and tint. At the time sunbathing us through these his abilities will help to achieve the desired tan faster, while retaining our skin pigmentation much longer and reduce peeling.
And if after all just happened přismahli ...

First aid for burns
Folk advice is sometimes really good .. naplácejte you to all burned areas clean yogurt or cottage cheese. These words came from the mouth of many physicians, the skin should be as gentle way to remove heat, knowledgeable know how it burns. Cold yogurt or cottage cheese připlácnutý blown back to us very soon sinks in the waist, it's like pins stuck in the back, but after a few minutes felt blessed relief. Or we can take a bath with buttermilk or yogurt, has similar beneficial effects. All these mentioned milk products also contain calcium healing. Excellent is also aloe vera, known for its healing effect on burns of all kinds and the skin at all. It is best to use the most natural products, the purest extract from the leaves of aloe. They can be purchased in the form of various sprays and gels. If we have a live plant, use of the sheet. Cut open it lengthwise, scrape off the hard skin inside the gel layer and then gently rub into the skin. Sliced ​​leaves can also be used as a compress on the affected areas. The friendly and efficient is also facing of sliced ​​cucumbers.
When our skin slightly mellowed, erasing and fed by themselves goodies to fit again soon. We give priority to products after sun with aloe vera and panthenol, healing creams with marigold extract, containing calcium and zinc. And with another baking definitely wait a minute ..

Wishing you a beautiful summer honey

The author Effective skin protection while sunbathing: Michaela Vorlová