Echinacea - a gift from the Indian medicinal

Echinacea purpurea, or purple coneflower, belonged to the 19th century between old pharmacy mystery Native American tribes in North America. Ever since its many medicinal properties have been "compromised white faces" and confirmed by the traditional medicine, its popularity continues to grow and still come on her new amazing effects on the human body ..

Echinacea is itself a beautiful flower and the flowers adorn many a garden. Its name derives from the Greek echinos, meaning hedgehog, thanks pichlavému center of her flowers, purple petals around ozdobenému tongues. Indians supposedly called her sun hat, its other name is used rudbekia.

For therapeutic purposes, the whole plant can be used as flowers and leaves and roots, which have a high content of active substances. Strongest effect is to extract in the form of alcoholic tinctures, because the active substance is released in the water only partly. Today, extracts and tinctures containing echinacea extract normally we get from pharmacies and have a really wide range of applications with a significant effect on our bodies.

Echinacea and Immunity
Perhaps the best known is the strong effect of echinacea as a stimulant of human immunity. The substances contained in it have the ability to stimulate the function of white blood cells - defense shield body. White blood cells, or lymphocytes, are the guardians of the health of our body, they are the ones who destroy aliens in the form of viruses and bacteria. By using Echinacea can therefore help considerably to the overall strengthening of immunity found in her great help in disease prevention, the originator are harmful microorganisms.
For its ability to stimulate the production and function of white blood cells is also recommended when recovering from an illness, even after cancer chemotherapy and radiation. In a nutshell, echinacea helps our body to get back into the correct form, protects and strengthens.

Echinacea as an antibiotic
The above-mentioned features support the ability of white blood cells to "eating" and disposal of harmful microorganisms coneflower is an effective antibiotic. This is the function of the more rewarding it actually galvanize our body to defend themselves, without undue use of chemical antibiotics and with many harmful side effects. The active substance helps the body destroy not only bacteria but also viruses, germs and molds. This bylince we should contact in case of all kinds of infectious diseases, such as flu, sore throat and other respiratory diseases - prevention works as well as medicine. Proven in the treatment of stomach ulcers, intestinal diseases, vascular system and inflammatory diseases of kidneys and urinary tract. Tincture diluted with water is used as a gargle for sore throat or inflammatory diseases of the gums.
With application and the external application. The Indians said about her that she can heal every wound. Injured area disinfects, protects against infection and accelerates healing. It is effective in the treatment of inflamed and poorly healing skin lesions, some types of eczema or fungal infections.

Another effect of purple coneflower
In higher doses it acts as a natural analgesic echinacea, can reduce pain.
In many cultures it also ascribe aphrodisiac effects and improve sexual condition.
It is used as a supportive agent in the treatment of cancer and its effects in the treatment of cancer are still being investigated in the hope that it will come to other anticancer and therapeutic effects.
The good news is that the use of echinacea is suitable not only for adults but also for children, so that we can protect against unnecessary antibiotic overuse of chemicals with many disastrous effects on our bodies. Normally the treatment is echinacea are no side effects, allergic reactions or contraindications with other medications.

Research on therapeutic and preventive effects of echinacea still certainly not at your end and we can look forward to more discoveries about its beneficial effect on our body. With the old knowledge of Indian tribes today we can use her healing powers and discover the hidden secrets of this important and beautiful plants.

The author Echinacea - a gift from the Indian medicinal: Michaela Vorlová