Do you know the herbs to boost immunity?

In the upcoming winter, we will need a strong enough shield against all those invisible intruders attacking you flying through the air .. therefore palsy, while there is time!

What is immunity?
Hardly anybody would be able to answer this question .. the answer is clear. Immunity is our body's defense against harmful internal and external influences and dangerous invaders in the form of micro-organisms that could harm our health.
Immunity is partly genetically conditioned and influenced by the time of development of new individuals in the womb. Subsequently, but her strength was significantly depends on the way we live, to nutrition, physical activity, level of stress under which we live, and so on. First of all, people who have fluctuating or mediocre defenses should consistently monitor receives if their body all the necessary nutrients. Also called peel detox strengthen our defenses, sufficient exercise and ultimately peace of mind.

Let's see which herbs we can lend a hand in strengthening our immune system. Thanks to their positive effects we can hedge against preventive diseases and health problems, or significantly accelerate their healing.
A list of such plants would be very long, at least pick the best known and most accessible.

Echinacea or coneflower is rightly known for its ability to strengthen the immune system. Her significant effect is sometimes utilized in such serious diseases such as cancer. Preparations of echinacea extract are amazing but also prevention of diseases such as colds and great help during the influenza epidemic.

Aloe vera has a tonic and cleansing effect on our bodies. The manner of its use we wrote in one of the previous articles. Preparations with its content cleanses the body of toxins established, making it load shedding and makes it so resilient.

Garlic , onions and horseradish are a great source of important vitamins and minerals, but also they are also a natural antibiotic. They can be used as an adjunct treatment of diseases, as well as prevention, in both cases will help us in the fight against undesirable micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi), which are settled in our body.

Sipek is a known source of vitamin C, which is essential for a strong enough immunity. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, which deprives us of free radicals and slows down the aging of cells. Rosehip should not miss such as tea to treat colds and flu, but are more effective syrups, which destroys vitamin C heat treatment.

Nettle is an important part of cleansing teas and herb often recommended for detox treatments. In addition it contains many minerals and vitamins. The advantage nettle is that it can also prepare dishes such as soup or nettle leaves, which are tasty while healing.

Nasturtium is both a source of vitamins and minerals as well as a very effective antibiotic. We can use it to extract preparations for the treatment and prevention of disease, but also it can be consumed as fresh in salads, in addition to a pleasant flavor.

Sage , thyme , mint and lemon balm are examples of herbs that are significant in this respect his gentle antibiotic effect. Tea of them accelerate healing as tonsillitis or influenza, with regular and moderate use will serve us well as prevention by eliminating the threat of diseases extending it in the bud, preventing the weakening of our body.

Sea Buckthorn is with us still not fully doceněným immune stimulant. Its fruits contain incredible amounts of vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants and other substances that are able to powerfully strengthen our shield. The easiest way is to use it as a syrup, which we can give to children.

Ginkgo or Ginkgo biloba is a traditional Chinese medicine remedy for many millennia. Spectrum of its effects is incredibly wide and among others is being considered as one of the plants with the strengthening effect on the immune system. We also thrive as an antioxidant and stimulant of blood circulation. Its use, however, we had better consult your doctor.

Indispensable Ginseng is another herb of Asian medicine. His stimulus
effects on the immune system of the human body have been demonstrated many specialized studies. Ginseng is suitable to use in the form of intermittent treatment or during treatment of diseases. Can restore balance both physical and psychological, is also considered a natural aphrodisiac.

These and many other gifts of nature we can gentle and natural way to strengthen and solidify our defensive shield, which is important for us not only now, at the time of entering flurries ..
.. Let's not forget one of the basic laws of nature .. stronger wins!

The author Do you know the herbs to boost immunity?: Michaela Vorlová