Daisy feverfew - a natural remedy for migraine, pain, spine and joints

When I made this handsome herb flora growth first appeared in the garden, I had no idea what a treasure is hidden in it .. Looking up at the herbarium I found out I was the owner of one of the most effective natural analgesic ..

Daisy feverfew (also feverfew general) is very ornate plant with yellowish flowers from a distance resemble chamomile. Thanks branching shoots are very decorative shrubs, growing to a height of 20-50 cm. It blooms throughout the summer until late autumn. We can grow outdoors as an annual in warmer areas even though the slight frosts. We can, however, keep as a perennial in a pot to move it home for the winter. We will then have its healing leaves available fresh year-round.

Daisy feverfew - effective treatment for migraine, pain, spine and joints

Migraine and severe headaches of nervous origin are states that can man incredibly embitter life and take all the energy .. Likewise, chronic back pain and neck pain, joint or rheumatic pain .. all these problems force us to take up dangerous levels of synthetic analgesics in order to "function normally" ..
If you belong to the group of those affected, most certainly inform daisy feverfew, because this herb you can save not only pain, but also the adverse effects of drugs and money spent unnecessarily.

Above-ground parts of this plant are used for pain probably for several millennia, as well as to treat other ailments, which will discuss below. The feverfew were preparing decoctions, infusions, compresses, teas and tinctures, which were given to people suffering from pain. Today, the most commonly used in the form of alcoholic tinctures or tablets extract active substances. Needless to say, her popularity as an analgesic is on the rise, with minimal side effects often takes even severe cases, certain types of migraines and chronic pain.
Drugs based on natural extracts of feverfew feverfew today to buy in pharmacies, as well as specialist online stores.

Feverfew works as an effective pain prevention
In the case of migraines and chronic pain has proven to use feverfew regularly in small doses as a form of prevention. Expert studies even show that 70% of regular users experienced a noticeable reduction in seizure frequency of pain relief and overall ... It is in the case of natural product - herbs unbelievable success.
If we want to prevent consume fresh leaves, it suffices to 1-2 a day. Easier in this case, but will choose a tincture or tablet form and follow the prescribed and recommended dosage.

How it properly?
If we have a live plant feverfew feverfew, we can test the effect of its own, so that when such severe headaches for about a minute chewing mouth 2-3 in its leaves and then swallow. While someone may be uncomfortable their bitterness, but in many cases we are worth it to endure. (When the tablets or drops / tinctures application is of course easier.) Often have 10-15 minutes to present themselves significant relief in someone even pain disappear. This effect I have personally tried both severe headache and in chronic neck pain and I can confirm that the problems often disappear completely, even with a longer duration.

Caution for use: daisy ř imbabu never be used together with blood thinning medication and pregnancy. Furthermore, we should never exceed the prescribed dosage is stated on purchased protein.
When using fresh leaves first try, if it does not appear in our allergic reactions in the form of small sores in the mouth. In the event of such a reaction rather choose tincture or tablets.

Feverfew fever and inflammation

Outside the analgesic effect of feverfew has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces temperature. This is used for example in the treatment of colds and viral and bacterial infections, influenza, respiratory inflammation, etc. Anti-inflammatory effect is also active throughout the gastrointestinal tract, the tincture is also suitable as a cure inflammation in the intestines, and also cleans and destroys undesirable microorganisms. So it is recommended to also é ž br events inflammatory processes in the joints (arthritis).

Feverfew and women's health

Previously bucks herbalist feverfew commonly used to induce delayed menstruation and childbirth start, giving us alone tell her that women should not be used during pregnancy could cause miscarriage or premature birth.
At the time of menstruation, but rather a very good herb can alleviate pain during menses, for this purpose, it begins in the small doses used preferably 3-5 days in advance. In some cases also dampens mood swings and depressive states.

Daisy is the herb feverfew, the effects of which are worth serious attention .. for many of us in fact can become an indispensable friend and assistant, literally a gift from the womb of nature.

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The author Daisy feverfew - a natural remedy for migraine, pain, spine and joints: Michaela Vorlová