Currants significantly strengthens our immune system and blood vessels

Currants, though it may seem to us ordinary fruit has on our health effect extraordinary .. Do you suffer from frequent colds, flu, tonsillitis, rhinitis, varicose veins and overall poor immunity? Then you definitely put currants ..

Currants We certainly are among the most commonly grown sheep in our climate has thrived and its advantage is that we are a relatively little care provides a high yield of fruits. Whether we like black currant, white, or red, its consumption in any form is beneficial to our health.

What active ingredients found in currants?
Currants is known for its richness in vitamin C, it is found in most black currants, but also in white and red is its representation very high. One currant berries contains up to 2 mg of vitamin C, the amount of 40 berries thus covers our recommended daily dose of this vitamin. Important is also contained rutin (vitamin P), which is of great importance to our health of the vascular system. The B vitamins found in most currant niacin (B3) and pantothenic acid (B5), vitamins beneficial to our nerves, hair and skin.
Currant fruits are also rich in carotene, an important antioxidant, which the body transforms into vitamin A, the protector of our eyes and mucous membranes and immune stimulator. Here we find many trace elements, contains a lot of calcium and iron, as well as magnesium, potassium and manganese. It also contains essential fatty acids (in the seeds), tannins, and a high proportion of pectin. Combination of all these healthy substances worth currants many beneficial effects on our overall health.

Currants significantly strengthens our immunity
The high content of vitamin C, carotene, retinol, calcium and other vital nutrients necessary currant fruit makes the best suited for strengthening our immune system. Knew it was certainly our grandmothers and their grandmothers, currant is with us for generations valuable and inexpensive source of important natural substances. The high content of pectin is very easy to prepare a variety of currant jam, jelly or syrup, which served as a source of health beneficial even during the winter with a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Currants as a stimulant of our immunity can significantly help in the treatment of many diseases, such as colds, viral and bacterial infections, such as influenza, sinusitis and mucosal infections, bronchitis, tonsillitis, and so on. It is also a good prevention of these and many other health problems.

Medicinal carotene and vitamin A in currants
Carotenes from them subsequently synthesized vitamin A in our bodies have many beneficial effects. Antioxidants generally rid the body of free radicals and protects cells from pathological changes are even prevent some types of cancer.
Carotenes also accelerate mucosal recovery and protect them, so they are great even when recovering from illness. Vitamin A is a known protector of our vision, helps in degraded night vision, night blindness called.

Rutin protects our arteries
The relatively high content of rutin in currants can be of great benefit to many of us. Rutin is the right tool for the good condition of our vessels, maintaining their elastic walls and improves the throughput of blood. If you suffer from health problems such as varicose veins, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, swelling of limbs, weak blood vessel walls are prone to cracking and bruises, we currant included in our diet as a natural prevention and cure for these ailments, especially blackcurrant.

Processing and preserving of currant
Healthiest of course consume raw currant - someone might seem overly acidic, especially the red variety, thus it can sweeten with sugar or honey. Raw Currants are also suitable for example for making fruit salads, mixed with other fruit so also reduces its acidity.
Even after heat treatment (jam, syrup) currant preserves a number of effective and health beneficial substances. Preparation of blackcurrant jam is also simplified by the fact that it has a high pectin content, substances which ensure the gelation fruit mass. Prepare jam usually do not need any additional sugar out additional ingredients. Therefore when cooking jams and marmalades currant most suitable for mixing with other fruit low in pectin. Its tradition in our domestic production has currant syrup, from which you can then mix a refreshing and healthy drink all year round.
Suitable and popular way of conservation is freeze currant followed versatile use, eg for baking. Among the most popular desserts with currants certainly are classic currant pie, cake, or various fruit cakes with jelly and so on., Which are pleasantly tart and refreshing taste.

The author Currants significantly strengthens our immune system and blood vessels: Michaela Vorlová