Couch grass cures gout, rheumatism and reduces cholesterol

Weed, we would not ... couch, which is considered by many of us as a difficult plant is a wonderful natural remedy. Not only the "pure blood" and helps treat joint disease, and even lowers cholesterol, detoxifies the liver and kidneys ...

For some common grass, noxious weeds for another .. Couch grass is actually a very effective cure for a wide range of diseases and health problems.
We really occurs abundantly. It grows in places where other plants can not, as in the rubble, the roads and ditches, but also in the fields, meadows and gardens. Couch grass grows to a height of around 1.5 meters. Its flower is a typical flat spike, by which it also best to identify. For therapeutic purposes collect its entire root or rhizome, best in September-October, but if necessary, in the spring months. We should be dried as quickly as possible, in the sun or in the dryer or oven, store it in well then hermetically sealable container. We use the couch as a tea, decoction is effective (recipe we show at the end of the article).

Couch grass - just right for detoxification

PYR is a very effective diuretic and dewatering agent, in which lies the majority of its medicinal properties. It is said of him that "pure blood", ie, it is not established that the toxins in the body. Its effect is, however, in comparison with other herbs quite powerful, and couch great advantage is that there are no known adverse effects of, it can therefore safely be used in the long term.
Detoxification generally good for our body and increases our defenses. The couch is a cleansing force underlined by the fact that it can dissolve and float away even more resistant deposits in our body which commit serious health problems.

Couch is an effective remedy for gout and rheumatism
Substances contained in this herb can dissolve salt deposits, which play a pivotal role in arthritic problems and the bottom. To get rid of these dangerous crystals is not easy, couch, we may become one of the few truly effective natural helpers. In case you suffer from gout or rheumatism, we classify tea couch creep into our drinking regime regularly. Couch of our body washes called urea - dissolves uric acid crystals and removes them from the body.

Couch cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract
Diuretic effect and ability to dissolve deposits is also the right combination for the treatment of stones and sand in the kidneys and the urinary tract at all. Detoxification of these bodies will also help us when we are suffering renal insufficiency, or frequent urinary tract infections. The ability to drain the body of course be appreciated by people suffering from swelling and water retention in the body.

Couch for lowering cholesterol
The couch is a substance inositol is probably worth another positive effect of the herbs, in reducing blood cholesterol levels. So even if you have cholesterol normal healthy over the long term, we use a decoction of the couch regularly over a longer period. A part of treatment should be a permanent change in eating habits with reduced fat.
Couch is also recommended for diabetes, it would also reduce blood sugar levels.

Couch cleaning effect is manifested in other organs of the body such as the liver. The total detoxification often visibly good for people suffering from skin problems such as acne skin, acne, eczema and psoriasis. Tea from the couch creep is good to use as well as after treatment with antibiotics, chemotherapy, or after long-term application of powerful synthetic drugs with potentially clogging the body toxins.

Recipe for tea / decoction couch creep:
2 teaspoons dried drugs pour 0.25 ml of cold water, bring to the boil and simmer for about 5-10 min. Drain and enjoy several times a day depending on the severity problems.
Apart from the above mentioned indications couch can also be added to herbal tea blends for colds, infectious diseases or digestive problems.

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The author Couch grass cures gout, rheumatism and reduces cholesterol: Michaela Vorlová