Coltsfoot Medical is an effective remedy for cough

Who would know coltsfoot .. the yellow flowers are one of the first messengers of spring, who adorn our hillsides and meadows. Since ancient times it has been used for the treatment of cough, it is important to teach him to use ..

Medical coltsfoot herb is very well known in our country, and its use for medicinal purposes has a long tradition. It is undemanding plant that is found only in Europe but also in some parts of Africa and Asia. We find him in both the lowlands and in the foothills and in the mountains, I settled the slopes, ditches, fills, railway embankments, meadows and so on., Where he often found throughout large groups.

What parts of Coltsfoot is used for treatment?
Coltsfoot blossoms in March and April, now the right time comes the collection of yellow flowers for drying. Coltsfoot flowers are harvested easily odštípnutím two fingers from the stem. We dry them in a well-ventilated room spread on screens or paper, and store in a sealable container for later use.
Less well known is the collection of Coltsfoot leaves. These appear until after flowering plants, the time of their collection is from May to July. After drying, should be immediately stored in a suitable container, is often literally disintegrate into small parts.

What are the medicinal properties Coltsfoot?
Of dried flowers is preparing tea for the treatment of coughs and other respiratory problems, especially inflammatory disease of the upper respiratory tract. Helps dissolve and release mucus and suppress established inflammation, thereby facilitating expectoration and accelerates healing. Dried drug is used as a tea, either alone or in mixtures with elderberry flower and mullein, plantain leaf and others. The pharmacy can also buy so-called bronchial tea or other loose or bagged herbal mixtures to treat coughs, coltsfoot where often represented.
Coltsfoot inflammatory effects can also be used for sore throat or inflammation of the gums. In this case, infusion or decoction used as a gargle.
Coltsfoot leaves have very similar effects like flowers, but their use are rather the external use. Previously podrcených sheets made ​​from tiles to support treatment for breast lung and bronchial diseases. Also, when applied to rheumatic pains wrap the leaves on the affected joints. Furthermore, the decoction prepared from the leaves baths and wraps the skin in eczema, rashes and inflammation or phlebitis.

It is interesting that in the past coltsfoot used in the treatment of cough and moderate asthma attacks also in the form of smoke - dried drug is wrapped in cigarette smoke, which guaranteed an immediate effect and action in the airways. This practice has its pitfalls and it is rarely used, general use is definitely not appropriate.

What are the possible side effects of Coltsfoot?
Tea from the leaves and flowers may be used internally as adults, and children should not, however, apply a long-term, some substances contained in it can have a detrimental effect on the liver. During pregnancy is not recommended for internal use at all.

If we will but use it in moderation and only in the period of illness, we will be a good and useful tool.

Recipe for Tea / infusion:
1 heaped teaspoon of dried flowers on 0.2 liters of boiling water (flower or can be mixed with dried leaves at 50:50)

The author Coltsfoot Medical is an effective remedy for cough: Michaela Vorlová