Cloves - spice with medicinal scent afar and Christmas

Clove is certainly one of the spices that inherently illustrates for us the magic of Christmas. And generations, but has medicinal properties, can warm us, and even bring the sweet longing ..

Clove is nothing more than dried bud Hřebíčkovce fragrant tree that is harvested just before flowering. The first buds are yellow-green color that gradually changes to orange to red, and this is the moment when it is time to harvest. To us the clove imports mainly from Madagascar and Zanzibar, where it is grown on large plantations. Buds are harvested by hand and then dried, so we get familiar brown and woody consistency. Clove does not bloom petals Blossoms after bud (the little balls on the stem) appears only tuft of stamens and pistils, which works very gently and gracefully.

Got a tooth? Tuck into cloves!
It is an old and proven popular recipe to suppress the unpleasant pain - the pain of teeth and gums. Clove has a spinal anesthetic effect. If you have the opportunity oils penetrate the skin or mucous sore spot, reliably relieve pain. Cloves therefore placed so as to directly touch the area of the gums and let it operate.
The same purpose is also used clove oil and tincture - that extract essential oils from the spices. In the case of a sore tooth or gum periodontitis can crush them, or extract place the drop on a cotton swab and attach. Cloves are also commonly taken earlier to freshen breath, brew rinsed the mouth, or a moment rolled and chewed in the mouth, which had also the positive effect of the oral cavity and also sanitized to protect her from a variety of ailments.
The ability of a local anesthetic can be used also for example in the case of rheumatic pain, clove oil when massaged into the skin around the affected joint.

Important: for internal and external use, of course, never use olejíčky designed to aromatic lamps, but only special essential oils for medicinal use.

Cloves have antiseptic effects
This spice was already thousands of years ago recognized disinfectant in Asia, especially China, where its use is particularly great tradition. Cloves and the extracts were used as the above-mentioned mouth disinfection, as well as for other local treatment of skin and poorly healing wounds. Acts as an antiseptic for internal use, for example in the case of gastric catarrh, the spoiled food poisoning and intestinal disorders. It is best tincture that we use problems, proportions dropwise purchased as prescribed in preparation.

Cloves will help with the treatment of coughs and colds
Disinfecting action clove is also used in aromatherapy. Essential oils which are released into the air from aromatic lamps with the addition of clove oil, disinfect our airways to the lungs and bronchi, and nasal cavity. We adhere to the prescribed duration of action, however, to prevent excessive irritation of mucous membranes. This effect may be used for disinfecting rooms and friendly apartment where the patient is located, so we reduce the risk of infection as well as other family members or roommates.

Let yourself be enchanted clove
Warm, deep and exotic aroma of spices is captivating and exciting. Not for nothing is clove considered an aphrodisiac because of its aroma awakens our senses. Clove oil are already behind the distant past they added to perfumes, and scented bath oils, and today we find them as an ingredient of perfume with the scent of exotic, faraway places and the sun.
In our region we have cloves, cinnamon still together, inextricably linked with the smell of Christmas. A few drops of oil in aromatic lamps or on your festive pot pourri can scent an entire room.

Cloves - spice with an unmistakable aroma
Use of cloves in culinary certainly can not ignore. The seasoning effect is very significant, therefore saving him instead. Delivers meals warm sweet aroma and the taste gets rough. We can find it in recipes for meat preparation, especially venison, is added to some preserves and conserves, or laden with mushrooms and vegetables, as well as its application is in the production of liqueurs and sweets. It is used not only to flavor sweet and savory dishes, but also for us as favorite drinks to warm up - mulled wine and punch that without losing their typical and desired flavor.

.. when you prepare your decorative fruit bowl on Christmas board, be sure to put it on at least one orange with cloves freshly zapíchanými .. you will see that you not only look Oblazy ..

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