Cinnamon - healing scent of Christmas

In our region we have cinnamon inherently associated with the smell of Christmas and winter .. although it is used primarily as a condiment, in other cultures as cinnamon for several millennia indispensable part of traditional medicine with time-tested effects ..

What we call cinnamon is the dried peel and cinnamon bark, tree waxing up to an impressive 10 meters. The best known and most commonly grown species are Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese. As hinted already, their very names, grown mainly in China, Ceylon, to Java, the Philippines, Africa, Brazil and other areas of tropical and subtropical zones. Dried cinnamon bark is then processed in many different ways, both for culinary and therapeutic purposes.

Cinnamon warms our body and mind
In Asia, cinnamon is traditionally used to warm the body, is added for this purpose mainly in herbal teas. Many of us can certainly popular cinnamon as part of the so-called winter tea to warm up, where it is often found in combination with eg apple or orange. And what about "mull" wine mulled with cloves and cinnamon, reliable helper against Rangers chilling skiers and winter landscape ...
Substances contained in cinnamon we were really able to internally heated and circulates the blood in our veins. They generally stimulating effect on our body and mind, hurrying gloom, improve mood and acts as a natural aphrodisiac.

Other medicinal properties of cinnamon for internal use
Cinnamon promotes appetite and has an overall very positive effect on our digestion, helps treat diarrhea and acts against bloating.
For its antiseptic and antibiotic properties and its ability warming of the organism is also effective for the treatment of cold, when it was best to add herbal teas. In Asia, traditionally prescribed for the treatment of urinary tract disease.
Women are particularly recommended cinnamon for their ability to correct disorders of menstruation, reduce the pain and adjust regularity. During menopause cinnamon helps reduce unpleasant accompanying problems.
According to recent research has demonstrated the effect of cinnamon in the treatment of diabetes, when the use of cinnamon or cinnamon extract itself successfully reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics. Similarly, lowers cholesterol levels.
Cinnamon is also an important antioxidant that protects our body from free radicals and purifies the blood.

Cinnamon can be taken internally either by addition to the above-mentioned tea mixture, or by adding a suitable food. It is made ​​of, but also the alcoholic tinctures, syrups or oils. The whole or crushed cinnamon daily dose should not exceed 2-4 g, with extracts and oils should be taken into account on the strength of products (see package insert).

External use cinnamon
For external application using cinnamon extracts primarily in the form of massage oils and body creams. They are applied to relieve muscle pain, muscle cramps when on rheumatic joint pain and overall warmth and tissue regeneration. Active substances also help to accelerate the metabolism in cells and acceleration of metabolism, which in recent years widely used for removing cellulite.
For its antiseptic and antibiotic effects of cinnamon extracts and added to mouthwashes, treat inflammatory gum disease.

Possible side effects of cinnamon
Although generally for internal use moderate doses of cinnamon on there are no specific negative reaction, pregnant women, they should prefer to consume in small doses.
In rare cases, sometimes an allergic reaction to cinnamon.

Engagingly pleasant cinnamon aroma
They are food and beverages, which without cinnamon lost their typical charm. Christmas cookies, apple pie, gingerbread, cookies and other baked goods, preserves ... In many cultures, cinnamon is also used to flavor meat dishes, chutney, gourmet sauces and marinades. Cinnamon bark is also applied in the production of liqueurs and spirits (small tip: try the bottle of rum, cognac or vodka insert one roll of cinnamon bark and taste for 14 days ..)
Cinnamon, after many generations also used for flavoring tobacco for water pipes, candles, incense, Christmas Francis, scented oils and incense, of course, perfumes and other cosmetic products.

In the end I chose the recipe for you for one delicious winter drink that will keep you warm, stir your blood and you will certainly encourage pleasantly .. (From the book "Magical Plants" - Volvox Globator 1999):
Cup of love:
1 bottle of red wine, juice of 1 lemon, juice of 1 orange, 2-3 rolls of cinnamon bark, 6 cloves, honey or unrefined sugar for seasoning
- In the larger pot, mix wine and juice from citrus, add spices, let it boil briefly, the stove is not in use and sweeten to taste
.. Serve hot, preferably in two sip o)


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The author Cinnamon - healing scent of Christmas: Michaela Vorlová