Chicory against heart attack, arteriosclerosis and cancer

Chicory is with us, unfortunately, still underrated vegetable, but slowly gaining a place on the Czech plate .. which is good, because it is one of the best food with preventive and curative effect of the most serious diseases of our modern times ..

Chicory, we know from our stores in the form of chicory, was bred from wild chicory. Chicory are obtained somewhat unconventional method of cultivation - the so-called acceleration when předpěstované chicory roots covered with a light layer of soil and leaves with the dark after 5-8 weeks. During that time, we will create known Chicory, nezelených system, brittle and crunchy leaves. Since the cultivation of chicory quite challenging, it is not normal for us, but now there is no problem to buy chicory in a well-stocked store, supermarket, or at the vegetable market.

Chicory protects our blood vessels and lowers blood cholesterol
Although chicory are too rich in vitamins, as we are used to from other vegetables, contain other, very beneficial substances in our body operates mainly detoxifying.
The very high fiber content has a beneficial effect on digestion, improves throughput intestines and prevents constipation. Another huge benefit for us is that chicory consumption leads to lower serum cholesterol levels, respectively, prevents excessive storage of fat components in our organism. This process starts right in the gut, the fat component are tied and taken out of the body before they are being stored in the blood. Chicory is effective prevention of diseases and cardiovascular complications such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and so on. People who are overweight, diabetes and some metabolic disorders should definitely include these vegetables in your diet because it can naturally break down fatty substances dangerous.

Chicory against heavy metals and bowel cancer
Another important feature of this vegetable is that it prevents the storage of hazardous heavy metals in our body. During the process of digestion in the small intestine is connected to each other heavy metals (eg lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) and pay them out of the body, just as we have already said, in the case of fatty substances.
The chicory is even talk in relation to the prevention of colon cancer - one of n ejrozšířenějších cancers in this country. This type of cancer, strongly supported by an unhealthy diet rich in fats and toxic substances, it is very dangerous, and its treatment is more than difficult. It chicory can eliminate the risk of this disease because our intestines clean and heals the intestinal mucosa and microflora.
The chicory ingredients also stimulate the activity of the gall bladder, liver and pancreas, with regular but moderate consumption is really an amazing tool our metabolism at many levels.

As we will taste like?
In our region has chicory processing in the kitchen too long tradition, which is really a shame. Provided that we know how to do it, we can prepare it very tasty, to gourmet meals. Raw fits into salads, but pay attention to it, to use only light - turning green - leaves, green leaves are eaten raw as is too bitter.
The possibility of cooking chicory is the world's most favorite probably roasting, and this in many ways. Be chicory can be divided into individual sheets, which we may incur some trays that are filled at will such as raw, cream, yoghurt and other substances (feel free to add a bit of garlic) and bake. Or we can all pucks stew steamed and then bake, alone or wrapped in ham slices and serve like asparagus with cheese sauce or bechamel. Also well suited as an accompaniment to meat dishes and help us with digestion too much fatty foods.
Typical, slightly bitter taste of chicory may be possible for someone unfamiliar at first, but believe that if you learn it correctly adjust impresses and it is your favorite healthy treat.


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The author Chicory against heart attack, arteriosclerosis and cancer: Michaela Vorlová