Chamomile - herbal classic

Chamomile flower is kind and popular cereal weeds, which are among the classics kořenářských bab and which grew in the garden almost every Hangman's House, a monastery and all, as it was customary in the Middle Ages. Middle Ages is determined by somebody down the main habitats, for an indefinite period immediately before the ancient and the modern age, or God forbid the modern age.

Chamomile - herbal classic

She's just a fact of modern technology and informatics, otherwise, I think that in antiquity rather lagging because as modern gangs remind me of a prehistoric mammoth hunters primitive bands or skulls. Instead of reciprocity, ethics, dignity and love only perceive eroticism, consumption loans and fear for survival. I've seen a billboard with the theme - do as the people, interpersonal relationships are the basis of life, happiness does not win the lottery but a good crowd for a meaningful life, creative work is part of a happy life, honor is the foundation of social order, etc. But the fact is that billboards I saw the faces of people who they are sincere, but it turned out with them, as with any advertising - make or loot, and more ... Each ad is operating from positions of fear and just trying to suck some purses only erotica.

This will therefore allow chamomile enough, right? This is like, still very chamazulene here, bisabolol there, one is dark blue essential oil, twice more in green, once distilled with steam, sometimes without. It is as politicians, who also coloring according to how much they are drunk.

Otherwise it is a simple flower, which is due to the fact that it has a hollow head flower. White petals sčesává the back. It has some resemblance with the unnamed man such persons, who after topical application of chamomile on the head identical characteristics blond hair equally charming way. But the similarity with some chamomile blondes is purely coincidental. No, I can not other than to mention the unusual form, including behavioral (Logic joke by mentioning you disagree). Blondes are in fact mostly like chamomile clean, charming, straightforward, uncomplicated and aggressive in what they can do.

Chamomile is modest but, like all guys ... (well, almost everyone - well at least most) (the lower half) (well, at least some of) the (surely you know one) (or have heard about them) (or read in the chronicles) (... written men) (all were dead) (also writers) (became legends) (historians see through) (became mythical beings) (so at least one) (who also died). In other words: Chamomile is modest, like most women ...

Even I can not believe, according to commercial television are generally more intelligent than blondes and brunettes than most men (no guarantee). But if it's not that men are actually simplified woman somewhere ... I mentioned that in the beginning was the Word. That word was "Boring." God in his own image, praise and stained created Eve. This, however, wanted to be someone also admired. So God has clone with a slight modification. On the 23rd chromosome one cut a tail to become a man of women, and the guy then installed differently and elsewhere. Even fruitfully used the situation when he reduced the incidence of thought, so this part will be automatically elevates (sometimes (většinou. ..), unfortunately, the opposite!). Then ješitnému and somewhat spoiled Adamek (incomplete woman!) Suggesting a fairy tale of the rib of the man as the lord of creation after God, Michurinsk reptile from the tree of knowledge, or the Internet and the risk of creating excessive desire through advertising (initially on apple) - which, however, they eventually ignored and when debts and ego (set of desires and wishes Identify individuals) of the first pair are no longer bearable, banished them from Paradise fiery angel (or God flamethrower?). Burns did then treated with infusions of chamomile flower and it works now. Just to make it big in the expulsion did not repeat, it would've chamomile mishandled and probably would not even, either. Only our bright spots (probably in the gamma).

Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, soothing the skin and intestines, reduces heat, cramps digestion , increases immunity problems - prevention do not. He's not flower for prevention or recovery, but mainly to the rapid deployment of strike groups. It is used externally as well as internally almost everything. Solves problems with the mucous membranes of eyes, nose, sinuses, mouth , indigestion, vagina and anus , it is also suitable for washing wounds, inflammatory skin, and they are not suitable flowers (calendula, agrimony) and bércáků . Overall, drinking tea is mainly used at the beginning of infections, colds , křečovozánětlivých problems in digestion, at higher temperatures and increased urination and sweating. Used but perhaps rather excessively in everything, especially in cosmetics as a modern and safe flower and the plethora of unnecessary administration caused to him began to emerge in recent times here and there even allergies. Allergy previously with chamomile unknown is perhaps the result of contamination of both of our lives because of allergies manifested in some form already suffer according to statistics, one in four.

This, however, I do not psychoalergii, for whom I expect the proportion is reversed, ie that they have it three out of four. It does this by psychoalergie manifested mainly in offices and all that goes with it. The fourth nepsychoalergická are mostly people forming office, disclaimer and small children (which seems to me rarely homogeneous group ...). I would demographically current population equally divided into: a) children, b) pensioners, politicians and the unemployed, c) officials and d) people forming values. So the real work is up there every fourth and chamomile (also must stand up for everything).

Chamomile has a pleasant, if somewhat heavy smell like blondes in years. It also contains some (it's a political slang, because I mean the opposite - an indefinite variable) dose of bitterness from which an overdose can be moderate to somewhat nauseous. The rational use of slightly improves digestive processes. Indeed, chubby blondes in beauty usually also replaced the culinary arts, allowing us šedovlasým břichatcům but most prefer. Therefore, they are still considered as chamomile and keep our internal continuity of relationships.

Chamomile is not boiled, but only about 10 minutes (preferably less) brewed to us nevybublaly oils (technically: nevyvřely and the neodpařily). Therefore, the leaves become long and is suitable for taste and effectiveness of using mash as soon as possible after preparation. Then they drink at all possible neduzích, gargles, rinses, tiles, washes, washing, washes, washing, flushing, bathing, and generally all kinds of ways klystýruje applied. Interestingly, the essential oil is in bloom most up to the moment tends to crumble when collecting age and as the drug is already regarded as unsuitable for purchase. This is similar to people in her fifties who can completely take over the work of most of the general population, but no one is to employ neperspektivnost and gray hair.

The lesson that we were a nation of chamomile, so we could show national skill, musicality, versatility and ability to be good and we did. But beware of the hollow head ... because you are at the top.

Chamomile is also used to ensure hair growth and sexual vigor (as defined in the head! ...). Mash with omývávají blond heads that this often look better and even more blond (in some cases, simply odmytím dirt).

I myself chamomile flower into many compounds for its anti-inflammatory širokospektrost in use. Chamomile flower needs well nasušit and then hide in the dark glasses. Otherwise you is beautifully fragrant warehouse after chamomile, but it is just food for earthworms into compost and fertilizer zelenostrakaté.

Chamomile is, as you see above (or how to see before you hear when you read this), very inspirational, meditative and versatile plant in the lands almost liquidated printed herbicides and getting loose quite rare. Appreciate it until you and he, because he is there for you. And basically everything!

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