Černucha Gourd - you know the medicinal black cumin?

Černuchy seeds have a surprisingly wide range of beneficial effects. It is effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, improve digestion .. and are also pleasant aromatic spices.

Although it is our černucha přesevším grown as an ornamental plant in many areas for generations recognized spice and medicine. The curvaceous flower is native to southwestern Asia, its cultivation is gradually spread to other continents, also with us adorn many a garden.
Černucha wheat is annual, sown in the spring or in the fall, and its whitish, bluish flowers nafialovělých and then we can enjoy throughout the summer, often until October. After flowering, the branched rostlinkách form of a "poppy" - the testicles shaped conjoined vesicles containing small black seeds that can serve us as a spice in foods, or as a remedy for a variety of health problems.

The Healing Power of seeds černuchy
Černuchy seeds have a surprisingly wide range of beneficial effects. In Asia and the Balkans have been used as medicine since time immemorial, gradually found its place even in our healers and supporters of natural and alternative treatments. Seeds are applied in various forms, but most often crushed or ground to a powder, when one prepares water infusion or decoction for internal use, yet powerful effect then the decoction in red wine. Also, the quality of these compressed aromatic oil which can be used internally and is added to the preparations for external application, also suitable for oral hygiene.

Černucha effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi

Seeds černuchy been successfully used in the fight against infectious diseases, has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Tea made ​​from the seeds is suitable to use as the treatment of coughs, colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. It works but in our digestive tract, thus we apply it to eliminate infectious agents stomach and intestines, for colic, diarrhea and food poisoning (recipe for tea we show below). In Asia černucha also often used in the fight against intestinal parasites. Seeds diuretic effect also helps to detoxify our body.

Černucha helps abdominal pain

Effect of active substances on smooth muscles can help us with pain in the abdomen - stomach cramps, pain accompanying intestinal problems, but also the annoying pain during menstruation. Sometimes černucha recommended to induce delayed menstruation. Due to its effect on smooth muscles černuchy seeds should not be used during pregnancy! To stimulate lactation černucha suitable contrast during lactation.

Černuchy seed - spices for good digestion
Substances in the seeds černuchy have a positive effect on our gallbladder, encourage the production of digestive juices and thus facilitate digestion. It also acts against bloating, hence suitable as a spice in heavy and fatty foods, or puff pastry. Crushed seed therefore not only adds flavor and helps with digestion of food.
Černuchu we can find some spice mixtures, eg for the preparation of curries and other traditional Asian and Balkan recipes added to bread cakes and pastries. Aroma reminds seed černuchy something between pepper and cumin, so she earned the popular name "black cumin". It is also used directly as a substitute for pepper or cumin is slightly peppermint, its aroma is pleasantly earthy.

Recipe for tea / infusion from the seeds černuchy:

Right tablespoon podrcených seeds pour 0.5 liters of hot water, container cover and leave about 15 minutes Luhová.
- Strain infusion and after enjoying sips during the day.

Dried capsules černuchy beauty home
As we mentioned above, the seeds are hidden in černuchy měchýřovitých capsules, a bit reminiscent of poppy. If these ovaries after partial drying of the plant to reap part of stalks and then hung dosušíme home, we can get very decorative "Immortelle". Green and dry capsules nicely complement floral arrangements and bouquets, we can inject into arranging foam, decorate them with garlands, suitable even for the Christmas tree, or just lying in wicker or ceramic bowl.

sources used: Herbs and spices (Vasut)

The author Černucha Gourd - you know the medicinal black cumin?: Michaela Vorlová