Celery is not only a natural aphrodisiac

Already in ancient Egypt celery was used as a spice, but also as a natural aphrodisiac. In folk medicine celery chronically known for its beneficial effect on male potency .. its therapeutic effects, but well beyond the normal reputation ..

We can meet with different kinds of celery. They are especially celery, which is used in above-ground part of the plant and leaf celery and celeriac, which can process both the leaves and the subterranean part of the eyeball.
Celery is a vegetable, spice and medicine. We, as its potential consumers, is generally divided into two groups - some love it, others will eat only out of compulsion, if at all. But maybe after reading this article, you even think twice about his opponents and makes friends with him ..

Celery as a protector against microbes
Celery contains large amounts of essential oils, the major contributors to its typical aroma. The high content of essential substances makes sense for the plant itself is used as a protection against possible saboteurs such as mold, bacteria and other invaders. It acts as a shield plants, as well as it can protect our body, especially our mucous membranes. When eating celery, these substances are released when traveling through the digestive tract to all the mucous membranes in the mouth, the stomach, the intestine .. and operates the same way as for the plant itself - and LN of antibakteri and antifungal - are effective protection and disinfection of our digestive tract. Similar effect in other parts of our body, kill the infection in the kidneys and urinary tract. In many respects, therefore, the effect resembles celery fennel , which we discussed in the last part of our series. It is no different with the action on the respiratory colds.

Celery versus tonsillitis, flu and colds
Disinfectant celery find its application in the case of respiratory diseases. Celery essential oil helps with the release of mucus and also sanitized lining, which will help with cleaning and also kills microorganisms. Celery is also the specter of cough and fever and is a suitable complement to cold treatment, used primarily in the raw state. The most effective is the treatment of cold fresh celery juice, which contains only those essential disinfectants, but also large amounts of vitamins and minerals that strengthen our immunity.

Vitamins and minerals contained in celery
Celery contains a lot of much needed vitamins and minerals. It is considered as an important source of B vitamins as it contains all the vitamins of this group in balanced quantities, it is a source of B-complex. B group vitamins are very important for example for healthy skin, nails and hair, proper function of the liver and intestine, but also for "strong nerves." Their sufficiency in human body helps to maintain good mental condition, celery can help us then and soul - in the fight against stress and depression.
Celery leaves contain large amounts of vitamin C, even more than lemon. Other vitamins are represented as vitamin A, C and E.
The celery can also find a number of important minerals are as potassium, magnesium, chromium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc and iodine - and in relatively high doses. Even these minerals to our body are very necessary and normal diet often hardly represented.

Celery treated joints
Celery acts as a natural diuretic - a tool, which supports the creation ý No mo i, and so our musculoskeletal system cleans, dissolves deposits and helps them float away from the body. It is therefore a great help in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, such as rheumatism, gout and arthritis. First of all, regular use of raw celery or celery juice should alleviate problems associated with these unpleasant ailments and relieve our joints.

Another significant effect of celery on the body
Substances contained in celery lowers blood sugar levels, therefore should not be missing out on a plate all diabetics. Even people suffering from high blood pressure he should be included as a regular part of your diet because it naturally lowers blood pressure. It also acts as a stimulant production of bile, which helps digestion. Even the stomach is a great help, it helps protect against stomach ulcers and even accelerates healing.

Celery in the kitchen
Celery has a kitchen really versatile. It is used either as a spice, especially fresh or dried above-ground part of the plant stems and leaves, sometimes even seeds. It adds an unmistakable flavor dishes such as soups (such as our old friend potato soup), sauces, dressings, marinades for roast meat etc. Extensive use has celery tuber. This can be consumed raw, such as salads and spreads as well as cooking. Heat treatment can celery taste more pleasant for those of us who his taste too loving nations, but would be happy to consume due to its beneficial effects on the body. It can be cooked in soups, stew with other vegetables, bake with meat, breaded and fried in batter ..
.. but the truth is that raw is for our bodies most important, its active substances are retained in full value. Who celery "is down", its typical aroma can relieve in salads such as adding grated carrots, celery and fresh juice tastes better after mixing carrot juice and a few drops of lemon.

The author Celery is not only a natural aphrodisiac: Michaela Vorlová