Cabbage diet is ideal not only for the winter

Such common .. cabbage .. At first sight nothing special, that .. really? .. rather look pretty ..

The original homeland of cabbage is probably Europe, in some coastal parts of our continent, we can still find wild ancestors of this already widespread throughout the world of vegetables.
In our meadows and groves of cabbage is an essential part of traditional home cooking, however, previously played a more prominent role, was one of the main food, and throughout the year. At a time when people could not purchase or otherwise obtain fresh fruits and vegetables, especially in the winter months, just cabbage belonged among the main sources of vitamins. He has had one amazing feature - when stored in proper conditions, can withstand almost unscathed throughout the long months. Especially in our foothill areas with tough and long winter every year treated many kilograms of cabbage for each family member, so people have ensured a regular supply of important, and then normal diet missing, the whole matter hard winter.

Vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances in cabbage
Cabbage is undoubtedly an important source of vitamin C. It plays an important role in maintaining our immunity. Although our ancestors probably did not have a clue about some vitamin C, they knew that if they eat enough cabbage, healthier and more resistant to disease.
Other highly represented in this vegetable vitamins are vitamin A and vitamin B, in the ideal ratio, cabbage is a source of B-complex. Richly represented are many minerals, especially iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, sodium and manganese. Cabbage contains a lot of fiber, protein, amino acids and glucose. Combining all these for the body of essential and beneficial substances becomes more than just a delicacy on our plate, it's admirable, even if at first glance inconspicuous protector of our health.

Cabbage as a balm for our digestive tract
The cabbage is said to be 'cleaned intestines' and it is an old truth. Has the ability to bind to toxic substances - heavy metals - established in our digestive tract, especially in the intestines, and subsequently collected from the body. At the same time protects the intestinal mucosa and is involved in maintaining healthy intestinal flora, microorganisms that are responsible for proper digestion and elimination. Cabbage is also known as a fighter against constipation, mainly due to the high fiber content, it is more than appropriate as part of the treatment ailments such as hemorrhoids and chronic bowel weakness.
Folk healers recommend eating cabbage and use cabbage juice to people suffering from ulcers of stomach and duodenum. Ingredients is able to accelerate the healing process and healing of the affected mucosa.

Other significant effects on our bodies cabbage
As we have already mentioned above, the cabbage is a powerful immune stimulant, its regular consumption increases immunity of our body and helps maintain proper organ function.
Less well known is the fact that cabbage its high content of selenium helps reduce high blood pressure. Cleanse our body of unwanted and excess fat deposits, thereby reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Another little-known effect of cabbage is the ability to calm our nervous system, which can be used for example in the treatment of insomnia, nervousness and tension. Mainly red cabbage with a high content of selenium is attributed to a beneficial effect on our libido and potency, fertility and sperm production. People with poor thyroid function should also include these vegetables in your diet, because it helps with restoring its proper function. And what about those of us who struggle with overweight - cabbage is able to feed us and also provide us with the amount of health beneficial substances, while its energy level is very low (cc 22kcal/100g).

Cabbage in the kitchen
Although now more commonly consume cabbage cooked (classic meat dumplings and sauerkraut, or as fine Czech cabbage soup), the highest levels of health beneficial substances, of course, raw cabbage and sauerkraut. Finely chopped or shredded raw cabbage is perfect for salads of all kinds. For his refinement and soft, we can use a simple trick, raw cabbage cut, placed into a sealable container, add a few tablespoons of olive oil, mix well and close the container, store in a cool and leave two days to ripen.

Such common .. cabbage .. At first sight nothing special, that .. and what it can do .. it would be a shame if we let him squeeze them out of your diet other "exotic" foods, which sometimes do not reach him or her ankles ..

The author Cabbage diet is ideal not only for the winter: Michaela Vorlová