Burdock - for hair growth, healthy skin, digestion and detoxification

Burdock know? Sure .. at least its brazenly catchy čumbrky. But you might be surprised how many wonderful healing effects lies in this great but humble-looking plant ..

Greater burdock was already in ancient times an important medicinal plant. With its overall compactness growth conditions we find him freely grow such as meadows, ditches, the roads, the rubble and bounds. Burdock is a biennial plant, the first year launch a rosette of large, plstnatých leaves and blossoms until the second year. The flowering period can grow up to 2m, the rosette leaves reach a height of 60-100 cm.
We all know they čumbrky, gloating favorite entertainment of many children - that are beyond its blossom and dry flowers burdock, which due to their hooks caught on many materials, thus allowing the plant to spread around. We will be most interested, however, burdock root, which has the highest concentration of the whole plant medicinal substances.

How to get medicinal burdock root?
The root of this important herb is harvested either the first year of life of the plant in the fall (September, October) or second year in the spring before flowering (March, April). Root dig carefully, thoroughly washed and placed for a few minutes in hot water. Then cut longitudinally and dried at a temperature up to 50 ° C. Store should be in a well-closed container as easily picking up moisture.
Then prepared from the root decoctions, oils, tinctures and creams. Their use is really versatile and work with burdock to pay us. If we can not find burdock in our neighborhood, preparations of it today is not a problem to find in pharmacies or on the Internet.

Burdock is a balsam and a medicine for our skin
If you are among those who suffer from frequent or chronic skin problems, be sure to inform about this ancient medicinal plant. Alone JAZentrich her ​​warmly recommended eg for the treatment of chronic eczema. An important tool we can become even if we suffer acne and excessively oily skin. Then a decoction of the root is suitable for washing the skin, and other products with the extract for subsequent periodic treatment. Burdock also helps fight dandruff, used to rinse the scalp, or as part of natural shampoos and lotions.
Not only men will delight information that burdock is used for generations against hair loss, can be get with his tincture extract, but also strong decoction of the root is effective when it is applied regularly to massage the scalp.
Creams, oils and decoction acts against fungi, bacteria and infectious skin inflammation, accelerate wound healing and disinfect the affected area. For this purpose, previously used as foliage plants, they have a lower content of active ingredients, but they are not immediately available. Crushed leaves attach to the injured area as a compress.

Burdock cleanses our body and heals the digestive tract
Burdock roots are particularly rich in inulin - a substance which owes much of its amazing medicinal properties. Inulin is food for the friendly bacteria in the colon (eg important bacteria Lactobacillus biffidus). Strengthening their population overgrowth we resist the enemy bacteria that cause unpleasant infections and catarrh. Burdock counteracts the infectious diarrheal disease and positively regulates secretion regularity.
Can play an important role in controlling relatively severe digestive problems, such as stomach ulcers. Generally improves the function of digestion because it stimulates the liver and gallbladder.

Burdock regulates blood pressure and sugar and detoxifies our body
His next, a very beneficial effect is the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, which is especially appreciated by diabetics. It also reduces high blood pressure and overall strengthens our body and improves health.
A great effect can be obtained also as a means for detoxification. A decoction of the root is suitable to use as a tea at regular intervals. Cleanses our liver and kidneys from established toxic substances, which significantly relieves us, prevent disease and boosts immunity. It will help us with removal of kidney stones and treat both inflammation of the urinary bladder. Contained substances stimulate the production of urine and sweat - so acts as curative in rheumatism and gout, but in the case of diseases such as flu, coughs, colds, etc.
Recipe for tea / decoction of the root lopuchového:
2 teaspoons dried and crushed burdock root shortly 1/2l boil in water, strain and sip throughout the day.

One more interesting at the end - Burdock also belongs to the group of wild vegetables - the very group of edible plants commonly found in nature. His young root can modify the example to soups as well as an ordinary root vegetable. The roasted and ground root is also preparing a coffee substitute, a kind of chicory. Leaves Young shoots are treated today in some countries, like asparagus or added to salads. Young stems with us before they added to cooked dishes, soups, vegetable and meat dishes .
Who is not afraid to experiment and likes unconventional goodies, I highly recommend you try the burdock! The result will pleasantly surprise you .. and also good for your health!

the sources: Encyclopedia of herbs and spices, darius.cz

The author Burdock - for hair growth, healthy skin, digestion and detoxification: Michaela Vorlová