Bukvice Medicine is a natural "cure-all"

Ancient Roman doctors used to treat Bukvic almost all diseases, it even served the emperor himself .. This graceful herb effective against diseases of respiratory system, kidneys, digestive problems and nervous disorders.

Do not be fooled by the name of the herbs - beechnuts Medical has nothing to do with beech or its fruits. It is a graceful plant from the mint family, growing up to one meter. Blooms from July to August. If it is at this time we meet to walk nature is almost impossible to miss. Usually grows in large groups or in flat grasslands and its deep pink flowers on the boasting high stems to attract attention. Most often it is found on the slopes of the forest, meadows, near streams or ponds, or on the edges of pastures.

When and how to reap beechnuts?
Bukvice medical reap the best in its highest flowering time, or at the beginning. Entire aboveground portion of chips or simply cut and bale it either suspended in small volumes, or stretched on cardboard or grate. After a few days and turn it provzdušníme to perfectly Through dry. For storage of the dried drug cut into smaller pieces and store in airtight container for disposal.

Bukvice cough, asthma and kidney problems
Bukvice Medicine is considered one of the natural asthma medications, it is recommended not only for asthma, but the treatment of respiratory diseases in general, cough and colds, in bronchitis or pneumonia. Its regular use is also useful in the event that we suffer difficulties and inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, some healers even be used to treat prostate cancer.

Medical Bukvice for better digestion

Bukvice gained respect as an herbal remedy for digestive problems. Indeed stimulates production of digestive juices, while improving their quality, suitable as the tendency to the formation of gastric ulcers and lack of activity or slow stomach. Also has a beneficial effect on the intestinal mucous membrane, where it promotes its regeneration and durability.

Bukvice you calm and pleasant lull
Another very positive effect of this herb is calming effect on our nervous system. Beechnuts can be recommended to all those who suffer from insomnia, nervous tension and mood swings, depression lighter. It also helps women in menopause and attributed it even preventive and sedative effects when lighter epilepsy. Beechnuts as a mild sedative can be administered either alone or added to a mixture with other herbs.

Recipe for tea / infusion of beechnuts medical:
1 teaspoon dried drugs pour a cup of boiling water, let Luhová 10 minutes, then strain and sip after sip.
Recipe for tea / decoction of beechnuts medical:
1 tablespoon dried drugs pour 0.5 liters of cold water, bring to boil and simmer about 5 minutes, let stand for a few minutes and strain.
- Infusion and decoction can take 2 to 4 times a day, decoction has a somewhat stronger effect is favored in larger or acute problems

Bukvice is a panacea for everyone
As we have already mentioned, beechnuts Medicine is considered a kind of herbal panacea, the extent of its influence is quite broad and does this herb also abounds with one indisputable advantage - not with her ​​no known side effects, it can therefore be used with confidence even after a long time. (Only perhaps in pregnancy by avoiding high doses, as is the case with all herbs and spices)

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The author Bukvice Medicine is a natural "cure-all": Michaela Vorlová