Brussels sprouts not only helps combat stress

Balls closely serried leaves of Brussels sprouts conceal a lot of substances that our body needs for its healthy operations, as well as our brains. Do you suffer from stress or depression? Are you under pressure? Do you have a demanding job? Need to strengthen immunity? .. then with gusto eat Brussels sprouts!

Brussels sprouts are one of the few vegetables that will last us the patch over the winter, because frost resistant up to about -15 ° C. Especially in the past was therefore highly valued. The balls, which are composed of small closely serried leaves were available as a source of vitamins and minerals in time, it was the fresh fruit and vegetables a true emergency. Today, while for us it is not a problem to buy at the store almost anything in any season, though the emphasis was on it a bit. Which would be a shame really, because sprouts are not only extremely healthy for our bodies, but for our mental health.

Brussels sprouts are an indispensable source of many vitamins
This vegetable is a rich source of several of our body of essential substances. First let us mention vitamin B1 - thiamine. This vitamin is needed to keep up the body delivering food because of its possible excess of wash it. Thiamine It is extremely important example for our mental freshness, concentration, resistance to stress, for our physical performance, etc. There's even a disease that arises as a result of its lack: the so-called Beri-beri. Vitamin B1, we need all the extra income then especially pregnant and breastfeeding women, smokers, regular drinkers, physically working people, children in the development, people often under pressure of stress, etc. Brussels sprouts, a rich source of such, is one of the ideal foods that are naturally it can deliver.
Likewise, folic acid, another much needed vitamin B group, found in Brussels sprouts in a commendable amount. Its function we said in our series for many, let us remember, however, that neither folic acid in our body for a long time not store for later use, and there is the need to constantly replenish food. Brussels sprouts are thus able to complement both vitamins simultaneously.

In the past, this prized vegetables along with cabbage also because during the winter it served as one of the small fresh sources of vitamin C. was so the right food for our immune system that in time a few months of the year, without the rampant vegetation and strongly limited sources of fresh food, suffered a lack of this vitamin.

Brussels sprouts for drainage, detoxification and digestion

In this vegetable can find help, even if we suffer swelling, water retention in the body, gout, rheumatism, or pay attention to the fact that we consciously established and regularly dispose of toxins in the body. It contains a potassium - an element whose vital functions in the human body, the metabolism of water. Potassium promotes the excretion of excess fluid from the body, it also helps to detoxify the body and flush out waste products.
The high fiber content in Brussels sprouts good for our digestion, mainly in the intestines. Fiber improves our excretion, prevent constipation and cleanses the colon.
Nutrient-rich broccoli sprouts supporting effect for our immune system, physical and mental condition and vegetables are suitable for all age groups. Allergies to Brussels sprouts occurs only very rarely.

Brussels sprouts on our plate
Brussels sprouts with their own unique and hard interchangeable, quite an intense flavor that either have, or do not like. Children are often literally at her grinning, but as adults we usually savor, especially if you learn to modify it according to your tastes. Recipes for its adjustment in Czech culinary enough, it is used to prepare both pure vegetable and meat dishes. Even her fans her nepřílišní often eat without problems if its typical flavor well aligned with the other ingredients. Brussels sprouts with us about most often used in soups, as either one of the many kinds of vegetables added, for example, or for the preparation of creamy cabbage soup. We can also suffocate and scallop meat - especially beef and pork, is also excellent baked with cheese or cheese topped with bechamel sauce. It goes well with pasta and risotto in, you can edit it as pudding, or as a healthy attachment.

One practical warnings for cooking Brussels sprouts: cooking and baking with the aforementioned vitamins B1, C and folic acid destroys, so do not cook Brussels sprouts and does not bake too long, needs only a few minutes, sometimes even only scalding hot water and salt water, where roses small and fresh.

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The author Brussels sprouts not only helps combat stress: Michaela Vorlová