Blueberry, medicinal fruit and leaves

When you sit or bend down to the clearing in the summer or in the mountains until the arrival of snow, into various low bushes from knee after podbřiší and get purple stains on your clothes, skin and mouth, so apparently sitting in blueberries and CPET with blueberries, healthiest fruits that remnants of our nature. Zkrmovati you will at least into the first proper patrolling bites mosquito, horsefly, lover, owner, member or pain in the lower back with regard to long-term Lean.

Blueberry, medicinal fruit and leaves

At any kids swarming around the timely Thread purple dress, or even a nevyperete nejreklamním "normal powder". Of course I only blueberry ONU modest young plant acidic and poor soils our forests and not garden related cultivated species of plants sold as Canadian, or other large-Kamchatskaya, just like the fruit, but other plants. He would like to have a few in the garden vlohyni Canadian or honeysuckle Kamchatka - well admit, I can not sell blueberries honest ... i know by the fact that it is cut in black purple and eaten in the stool black.

Blueberry is not only a supplier to delicious delicious as well as extremely physically beneficial fruits, but also an important source of medicinal herb or leaf. Blue dye on the tongue and mouth, which warns us already from afar that someone ingested fruits blueberries, is extremely active on the mucous membranes of the mouth to the anus - from the inside! From the outside it probably never tried it, but even that is unlikely. Infusions of dried fruit can be performed elsewhere washes and especially where there is překrvování mucosa. However, I think it is a shame blueberries, that's exactly what he can do with sage agrimony usually better, cheaper and more efficiently.

Other active substances fetus and its decoction limit the growth of pathogenic microbes and specific fungi in the intestinal microflora causing diarrhea . Herald that there is a trait blueberries, which in the form of fresh fruit, juice, compote or jam has partly be related to the saddle ředivé effects - some high pectin fiber blocking in itself and thus excrement in water, which greatly softens faeces compact , slightly diluted surface and makes it easier to slip the final.

This preferential use especially recommend owners hemorrhoids , cancers of the rectum and bowel fistulas, Crohn's disease and other bottlenecks, such as bowel surgery or in all kinds of polyps and other undesirable výrůstcích commanding omezujícně or bleeding into the intestine. When we include the regeneration of the mucous membrane dyes and the overall positive effect of blueberries, fresh or dried, or just brew, so it is not a mistake, and therefore we use blueberries in other indications. For example, for the regeneration of the mucous membranes with mild anti-inflammatory effect in inflammation in the oral cavity , tonsillitis , paradentózách , coatings on the tongue, etc. When we burn heartburn and stomach acid is also burns the esophagus. But beware, this unobtrusive and important piece of the digestive tube is very difficult fixes, because it is basically inaccessible and its life-threatening unobtrusive and painless bleeding in the stomach and its preventive maintenance even thinking blueberry few. Inflammation of the stomach and pancreas can also moderate among others the fruit of blueberries just for its regenerative and anti-inflammatory properties of light, or of course find more effective anti-inflammatory herbs and bitter funkcestimulující. I recommend this to a mixture of Agrimony.

Dried blueberry has inhibiting properties faeces. In the form of decoctions, infusions, or preferably just chewed and eaten effectively reduces diarrhea immemorial, but, and this is important, and stool of dried blueberries harden.

Children with their significantly shorter casings suffer from diarrhea more frequently, because the normal food is harder for them to digest and decomposes to unreasonably far in the intestines , where it becomes easier feeding of pathogenic microbes, because distant mucosa are intended only for the absorption of excess water. Mucosa, the defending greyish aggressive microflora helpfully spewing irritating to toxic metabolites into the tissue in order to create inflammation, water contrary defensive purposes excludes - so natrávenina full nevstřebaných fermentation gases and water just does not fit into the belly, pushing, hurting and trying to get out sic classical way, but often at considerable expansion kolorických and sound effects, usually considerably accelerated accelerated peristalsis defending irritable bowel. This also applies to testing ADULT diets containing cholera mimicking and performers alike úplavicových pokakaných microbes, such as Salmonella or other, usually from food surpluses in time nevyhozených but thrift saved for a later time with the famous slogan: Whether it be pos ... me, do not throw it!

Although I think that the oak stick and a mixture zeměžlučová can help with the power of the highest, dried fruit like blueberries invited to fight as well. Blueberry his stolicibrzdným action, lining resurgent blue dye and bacteriostatic properties and is highly suitable as a bonus unpleasant stay fired up after small intestinal parasites.

Small children who bacillus found to cough . Mostly. Among other things, have little time for digestion spolykaným filled mucus from the lungs , which does the normal amount of digestive lining protects against its own digestive juices, but in greatly increased production Robátko ukašlaňátka dramatically restrict, to stop the digestion . Diligent mother lovingly placed in baby food in order to increase its forces to fight the disease, but it clogged the baby throws up and then fades away and wither. To completely neuchřadlo, it is best to offer him a tablespoon freshly squeezed blueberry juice or juice from canned and after a while it several times. Do not give more time! Otherwise stomach again backfires and you have tmavomodroflekaté neighborhood.

Eventually vzmátoží digestion and starts working and then slowly stir recommend blueberry compote with grape sugar glukopurem flavored with a pinch of powdered vitamin C (about 2-4%; antioxidant for the liver , a stimulant for the immune system - the excess is oxidized in an hour or just piss ... other acids as citric, malic, tartaric, etc. naleptávají swollen mucosa and acetic překrvuje even according to my observations and kidneys , so it may appear in the urine, blood!) and several zahušťujícími children's biscuits and small portions tablespoons him according to his taste feed.

This porridge is also effective in fevers as friendly energy provider for hicování to weaken the liver and blood transformative own proteins into a combustible sugar followed schváceností předsmrtným and expression. Moreover, this compound is suitable for anyone with a fever, which is needed to supply energy to the liver before fuel is glycogen sugar, which is a life threatening condition, not only for children but surprisingly especially in old people.

Anthocyanins in the fruit blueberries are reportedly similar effect on night blindness and weakening eyesight as war bedside pilots tried carrots and behave as vitamin P. The content of active substances found in blueberries is unusually long, and all have a positive effect on the human figure. Interesting is the high proportion of sugars, while depressants diabetes .

In diabetes it is better to cook tea herb or leaf. Drink mashes after every meal, and I recommend it for long-term, friendly and rather regular drinking blueberry mixture with other herbs similar effects, of which there are many that can be easily mixed. But the effect is greater for diabetes should be massaging the stiff swollen tendons and muscles imitating planning of a mounting stiff sausage spine uskřinujících resigning his swollen nerves from the spinal cord between the shoulder blades and lower - for example, on a special massage a small balloon (Zadbalon) or masseur in love (it does work for long).

Otherwise noticeable diuretic effect of bilberry leaf is a good prevention of kidney stones, especially inflammatory processes in the urological tract, although relatives cranberry and uva are still significantly more effective anti-inflammatory. On rheumatism and gout but blueberry leaf tea from a very good recommendation. Better not turn into blood cleansing blueberry mixture .

Blueberry fruit recommend dry preferably within forty than fifty-five degrees, otherwise it ceases to be deliciously juicy and becomes less effective. The black shriveled fruits are often lost and charred pieces of product marking untrusted sušitele. Then when you chew Krupa resented among or between the teeth and you can grit your teeth or prosthesis failure in over drying or over neseriózností sušitele.

Drying blueberries requires patience and discipline to neujídání křížalek delicious. Insufficient nasušení leads to mold during storage. Dry fruits are infected with parasites per year, mostly worms slepujícími individual fruit fibers and subsequently changing the white murk. Therefore, storage is best nasušených blueberries in the freezer because after many years of their life. Leaves and stems were dried and stored well. In closed containers well nasušená drug also lasts at least three years.

Blueberry is our blue-black and gold is heavy pity him for metallic shimmer ignore their own ignorance and the resulting stupidity. Blueberry is excellent for life, baby just for surviving!


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