Blackberries for our arteries, immunity and potency

Mathioli in his herbarium blackberry says: "Drinking decoction of the flowers and fruit in the wine is sublime remedy for snakebite, wounded poisonous worms, snakes and scorpions." .. It is difficult to assess, but it is certain that the healing effects of blackberries seriously worth noticing ..

Blackberry is a shrub of the rose family, which we infer from the shape of its flowers and leaves, as well as a number of curved spines. When we encounter in the wild on his dense, go through it without a scratch we probably would.
Blackberry with us often found at the edge of forests, where the sun rests .. fruits from such sunny hillsides have excellent taste and great healing power. If we do not reach fruiting blackberries vegetation, it is not difficult to cultivate ..

The blackberry garden
Blackberries with us gaining increasing popularity as a fruit grown in the garden. Crossing wild blackberries people gradually bred many varieties differing returns, colors, flavors, shapes and sizes of fruit. Their cultivation is easy, as well as their propagation. They like permeable soil and a sunny location, we can easily reproduce odkopkem rooted young shoots. Grow quickly, so rather supervise it to us neporostly half the garden, already regularly removed neplodící or inappropriately growing shoots.

Blackberries contain many important nutrients
Fresh blackberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, a substance necessary for our health, strong immunity and detoxify the body. Are also very rich in carotene, a strong antioxidant that release us from free radicals, regenerate mucosa and add healthy color of our skin. The fruit can also find many of the B group vitamins, minerals from the example much phosphorus, as well as potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. All of these substances are essential for our body and is certainly enjoyable to consume them in the form of delicious fruit, than as dietary supplements and tablets.
Eating blackberries is also more than suitable for the treatment of diseases, colds and infections, tonsillitis, flu, coughs, sinusitis, etc.., As well as for recovery after illness, which will help us accelerate.

Blackberries treats vascular and firm and strengthen male potency
The therapeutic effect of blackberries is significantly enhanced high bioflavonoid s - substances that protect against oxidation. These substances are extremely important especially for those of us who suffer from vascular problems such as varicose veins, weak blood vessels, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, or erection problems in men, which was confirmed and professional studies. Bioflavonoids strengthen and regenerate the vascular wall, improve blood flow, strengthen connective tissue and generally retard aging and wasting of the body. Blackberries are therefore excellent as preventing the above problems, but also as a support for their treatment. If we have the opportunity, it is a good idea to ensure the supply of blackberries in any form for the whole year and use it regularly for their beneficial effect is surely worth.

You know the healing power of blackberry leaves?
Less known is the fact that even a blackberry leaves have many medicinal properties. Prepared from them tea, which also has a pleasant taste. Substances contained in the leaves mainly active inflammation. This effect can be used for example for the treatment of gums (periodontitis, etc.)., For infections of the throat as a gargle to wash poorly healing skin lesions, as well as a tea for colds, coughs, and colds.
Even after many generations the dried leaves are used as a remedy for diarrhea, it is advisable to drink tea from the leaves to the disappearance of trouble. Has a positive effect on the lining of the stomach and intestines, alleviates and cures colic.
The advantage is that the leaves are harvested easily, in a few minutes they can have a full basket, extra dry quickly, which can be accelerated soft creasing sheets. We can store them in paper bags, if placed in a dry, ventilated area.

Recipe for tea / infusion of blackberry leaves:
Cut in 1 tablespoon of dried leaves in 1 cup of hot water greater, let Luhová 5-10 minutes, strain
- Tea can take 2 to 3 times daily with problems for borreliosis or to prevent just 1-2x a day, we match herbal honey or syrup.

Blackberries are healthy sweet delicacy
Blackberries can be processed and preserved indeed in many ways. Fresh are delicious either alone, as an ornament light yogurt and cottage cheese desserts. Favorites are mashed with sugar and cream, so prepared especially excellent taste for pancakes or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We can freeze and then added to cakes, fruit puree in cocktails, or marrow. Excellent is also the mulberry syrup to us after a short preservation lasts the whole year and is delicious prevention and cure of respiratory disease. Great are the blackberry jams, marmalades and jellies, blackberries both themselves and with the addition of other fruits. Personally, for example, combine nectarines and peaches, yellow plums, kiwi and so on, which pleasantly enlivened and taste jams.

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The author Blackberries for our arteries, immunity and potency: Michaela Vorlová