Birch not only treats joint diseases

Birch is sacred and medicinal tree since time immemorial. If you have joint problems, suffer from skin diseases and your kidneys are not in the best shape, she just might become one of your best friends ..

Birch or perhaps not be confused with another tree, its white bark and elegant shape of the crown, made fragile tangle of branches operating it at first glance reveals. For us it is a very common tree, often find her on clearings in mixed forests and near streams and ponds is easy, she likes wetter environments and can withstand quite a strong frost.
In pagan cultures was always very cherished birch tree is a symbol of protection, life energy, happiness, love and fertility. Some old habits using birch as a symbol continued to this day with us, just remember the Maypole erection in front of the elect .. Even in shamanic cultures have birch great importance is the symbol of our world with the underworld, some shamans even call it a tree of life.

Healing powers of silver birch
Healing powers birch people are known for many generations. Previously routinely collected tree sap, called Birch water. To cut the tree trunk and strapped to him container to capture leaking sap. This fluid is then used in folk medicine for many ailments. Because sap itself is relatively concentrated, for direct application to the good to be diluted with water. Today mainly collect leaves and buds from which prepare teas and infusions for internal and external application.

Healing effects of birch for internal use
A decoction or infusion of leaves used as tea has a strong diuretic effect and is suitable for cleaning and drainage of the body, with reduced kidney function, kidney stones and inflammatory diseases of the urinary bladder. Cleaning birch effect is also important for joint diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis, the body can get rid of harmful deposits and inflammation of joints. Detoxification using birch tea has a positive effect on the state of our skin and help heal acne.

Birch treat our skin
Birch can heal and alleviate a number of skin conditions such as rash, acne, some types of eczema, fungal diseases and minor skin injuries. Its medicinal effects are often used by people suffering from dandruff, too oily scalp and excessive hair loss. For this purpose, suitable decoction of leaves and buds, and specially prepared birch sap. In pharmacies, drugstores and some specialty stores can buy the products mixed with birch extract, however, is needed to ensure the quality, lower-quality products sometimes contain many undesirable synthetic ingredients, and only a small amount of birch extract.

Previously also commonly used birch bark for the treatment of skin problems and joint diseases. From its decoction is prepared baths or compresses to the affected joints and skin. Birch bark can also be loaded into the olive oil. The oil extract is applied in the form of tiles, as well as a decoction of the bark, buds or leaves.

Collection and drying of birch leaves
Suitable time to collect leaves in the spring months. Birch leaves are harvested easily, and preferably scrubbing against the direction of growth from the branches. Even their drying is easy and relatively quick, you only spread in a thin layer in a well-ventilated room and occasionally to aerate the turn. Are stored in closed containers, preferably away from light.

Recipe for cleaning tea / infusion of birch:
1 tablespoon of dried leaves pour 250 ml of boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes, strain.
- Tea is suitable as part of a cleansing, in rheumatism and joint problems, renal insufficiency, and inflammation of the urinary bladder, acne and skin problems

In conclusion, a few interesting facts about birch ..
.. White birch bark before the invention of paper used for written records .. try, for example, you can create an original birthday cards.

.. Previously, young birch bark used for manufacturing garments and footwear. Birch wood is lightweight and waterproof, made ​​of him as an Indian canoe or roofing and insulation of the house.
.. Birch tree is ideal for drying damp places too, from time immemorial, therefore planted as close to the houses, whose walls have suffered from excessive moisture rising from the ground.

Birch is beautiful, useful and medicinal tree that we can help and a good friend .. enough to penetrate her secrets ..


the sources: Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul

The author Birch not only treats joint diseases: Michaela Vorlová