Beer be praised!

Certainly not hard to meet someone who can not commit to its well-chilled glass of beer. If you are holding an old friend of "everything in moderation", we can calmly say that so good for your health.

Beer has a long history, records of it were found before 9000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Its popularity does not fall during the millennium, on the contrary, his production has spread to almost the whole world. Beer in our country is certainly the most popular alcoholic beverage. We can take pride in placing at the top of the world rankings in the calculation of the amount of beer consumed per capita, almost, one could say that we are a nation of beer. But this also reflects the fact that someone must drink it seriously about much else when he does not drink much at all, or only occasionally. However, when the so-called rational consumption of beer is very beneficial health drink.

What is she healthy rate? Experts have calculated it to 1-2 beers a day, maximum. At higher doses it is said to affect our health takes more to violations. It is sure to give you 1-2 beers a day is no big sin, on the contrary, let us be blessed. Can our body in many ways beneficial.

Beer is known for its high content of B vitamins. Example, riboflavin, vitamin B2, which is very beneficial to our skin. That is why people who have the problem skin, use dried brewer's yeast, a major source of this vitamin. In addition, niacin, vitamin B3. It helps expand our blood vessels, which reduces the risk of heart attack. Beer is also a source of folic acid, vitamin B9, which is very important for building bones, the proper function of cells in the body at all and contributes to the protection of our mental health. But the other B vitamins found in beer in high office. Because the permanent lack of these vitamins in the human body is a health-threatening, they can have a beer at the correct level significantly complementary. One liter of beer contains up to 30% of the recommended daily dose of these vitamins.

In relatively high doses found in beer and mineral silicon. Its more than a favorable effect on the skin and hair we talked about in one of the past articles. Furthermore, potassium, sodium and magnesium, elements essential for proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system. The classical symptoms of deficiency are muscle cramps, fatigue and drowsiness. Beer also contains phosphorus important for healthy bones and teeth.

Moderate drinking beer by experts reduces kardiovaskul and RN s ch diseases such as heart attack. Beer in the human body increases levels of "good" cholesterol and also helps expand blood vessels and hence their throughput.

We must not forget that the beer of more than 90% consists of water, so it can be a decent pick up day score in the context of a drinking regime. While the diuretic effect, this means that it helps to clean the body and thus protects our kidneys, which catch the harmful substances in the body. One or two beers a day is healthy can be flushed. High doses of contrast, we can hurt, especially when long-term, therefore drinking beer in large quantities, as well as other alcoholic beverages. This could odskákat our liver. In extreme cases it is possible to observe a negative impact on the mentality of passionate denodenního aged consumer. Perhaps you can imagine how that could be the uncle next door, home from the pub fetches only for lunch and to the reports, sometimes not even that. That fairly well describes Helena Růžičková spoken sentence 'Please, Yes indeed you have a brain on beer cube'.

But give yourself a high fat second helping us a beer certainly does not hurt. Instead, it is perhaps the best of the fatty meal drink. Beer contains bitter hop extracts that stimulate the gallbladder function in digestion, which, after such a well-larded pork dumplings we just need. But we should not forget its relatively high calorific value, a content body usable energy. At 10 ° Beer is something around 1600 KJ, at twelve it was close to the 2000 KJ. To figure average daily adult man needs about 12,000 KJ, this means that when you give you 5 beers per day, we are entitled to the croissant with cheese to it. Of course each person burns energy a little differently, but if we are not žížaloidní type, we should take this fact into account.

Let us summarize it this way, when we come here there's some beer, we'll do something good for our health. If beer is down to us, we can at least swallow dried brewer's yeast. But who would pohrdnul such oroseným well chilled that. So yours!

The author Beer be praised!: Michaela Vorlová