Bearberry treat inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract

Powerful effect in kidney and urinary tract secured in a natural medicine this herb gained popularity. It acts detoxifying, antiseptic, treats gout and effectively suppresses infection.

Bearberry with us in the wild normally find, and if we were lucky, we would not tear it, it is a protected plant. For therapeutic purposes, either in our region grows, but most is imported.
At first glance, uva almost do not recognize the cranberries general, it's evergreen shrub with leathery with smaller leaves and flowers and fruits are very similar brusince. At convenient locations often form extensive stands, like heather.

Bearberry is an important herb urological
This healing herb is most valued for its relatively powerful effects in the kidneys and urinary tract. Its effect is mainly cleaning and disinfecting, Bearberry deprives the kidneys and the entire urinary sediment and dangerous acts against infectious agents. Its application is suitable in milder, and in more complicated problems, such as treating cystitis, urinary tract infections, promotes dissolution and leaching of stones and sand in these bodies. We find it, therefore, often as part of urological tea mixtures can also be used alone, but for a limited period of time (see below).

Bearberry to treat gout

Cleaning effect bearberry also appreciate those of us who also suffer from the so-called 'diseases of excess "- gout. This herb is helping us get rid of that annoying disease agent, uric acid, which when too high concentrations in the body gels, deposited in the tissues and cause serious health complications. You bear the treatment days prefer to consult a doctor, especially if you are already taking other medicines to treat gout.

Bearberry need to be used with caution

As we mentioned above, this herb has a relatively strong influence on our body during long-term use in high doses, however, could have a negative impact on our health, especially the liver.
If necessary, therefore, applied in the form of bark, which should not exceed 1-2 weeks. Then Bear planted in three weeks as needed and bark again, but no more than 5 times a year. Bearberry not give to children and pregnant and lactating women. Generally, the treatment of this plant preferred to help a doctor.

When using the bear may be preferable plant foods in which treatment is more effective than a diet rich in meat maximum benefit is obtained when our urine is alkaline. Improved efficiency also can help, to a cup of tea medvědicového add the pinch of baking soda.

Tea from bearberry

There are several different ways to prepare a medicinal tea from the dried leaves of the bear. The classic way is to pickle when one teaspoon per cup drugs pour hot water, leave for a few minutes and strain Luhová. Another way is several hours infusing leaves in lukewarm or cold water. We drink tea from a bear in the short-term treatment 2 to 3 times a day.

Similar therapeutic effects as Bearberry has already mentioned its close relative cranberries general, about which we will talk more in a future continuation of our series.

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The author Bearberry treat inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract: Michaela Vorlová