Banish spring fatigue without apothecary!

This year's spring but its time! Everything around yawns and asks for sunshine. Oh pshaw. Who would this winter tired!

Why not make a spring alone? Indulge in a little spring freshness and energy tired body, run something like the morning dew at dawn, although it should be out tonight just does not look anything like this?

Is approaching the moment when the body asks us, 'What did you do in the winter?'
'But .. I've put on a bit, some extra nesportoval So here, I too went out, there was really harsh and scythe. Well, fruits and vegetables here too true nesněd rather flákotu a proper warm-up. After work, so I just sat around in boxes or písíčka, jumped up occasionally for a drink with my friends .. '

What we call spring fever, is nothing else than tenacious struggle of the body with toxins that it has accumulated over the winter and settled nicely. To do this, include with deficiency of vitamins, minerals and sunlight, and suddenly we find that somehow slowly crawl up the stairs, that the day is too much alive and we are generally not hard on the body. Catch many a bacillus from sputtering passengers in public transport and at the thought of bed blissfully close their eyelids. This is because it is for our body uphill struggle to get back into shape, get rid of the established "Sorry" and refuel so many substances needed for normal operation. And so help him?

We offers several options and it is up to the individual what suits him more. Many certainly choose the path of "simpler" and that hiring apothecary. The pharmacies are plentiful cleaning čajíčků vitamin preparations and all price ranges.
Personally, I have the most natural way, because in most products "unwrap-swallow" is often a lot of chemicals, preservatives and dyes, which is already in the body anyway, more than enough. Moreover, it is dirt cheap and even the walk to the hunting season for gauchos for body and soul in itself elixir.

Such a nettle, which, under normal circumstances, each would rather avoid, it is Mrs. herb!
Nettle is from time immemorial in our latitudes, known as one of the most effective blood purifier. He will do for us what we need so much right now, it will help the body wash out toxins stored for the winter.
And right now, in the spring nettle has the most power in its young shoots.
The simplest method of its use is tea. We can cook it as fresh and dried nettles and the strongest effect can drink 3 times a day. To improve the taste can happen dried rose hips, peppermint, sage, sweeten with honey to taste, but preferably without sugar. Nettles also put in Easter stuffings, soups, is made from them spring spinach, can be added to burgers as you please. What is certain is that it works and let it transport you into the body in any way, we can be sure that this stinging creatures will fulfill its task to perfection!

Well, now you have to send in the body of the vitamins and minerals and is won!
First of Vitamin C. That is the big hero! Overall, increases immunity of the body, it is a powerful antioxidant, protecting our cells from damage and helps the body to use energy from food, eliminating fatigue. It also reduces the cholesterol in the blood, which now goes very well with us. The recommended daily dose for an adult is around 60-100mg (about one large orange). As part of our spring doping we can use in much higher doses, feel free to 500-1000mg daily in divided doses on successive morning - midday - evening. It is soluble in water and what the body does not use the wash itself. Therefore it can not be overdosed. Vitamin C is found in most citrus fruits, but its major sources as well as Sea Buckthorn, peppers, watercress, kiwi, tomatoes, cauliflower, pineapple .. raw fruits and vegetables in general.
And even if we increase the total fluid intake, it will add some multivitamins and occasionally replace rice dumplings with fresh salad and tartar sauce, we won!

Come with an appetite for it, it's pretty simple, it works and it does not hurt either!
That you won over spring fatigue, you will know easily. Fails to appear.
And even if they did just a little, we know how to do it!

1 tablespoon dried drugs or 4-6 fresh young shoots at 1/2 liter of boiling water and let infuse for about 15 minutes (preferably use 2-3x a day for 2 weeks)

The author Banish spring fatigue without apothecary!: Michaela Vorlová