Bananas - you need to be healthy and fast?

Are you one of those who have a lot of salt? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Do you suffer from stomach ulcers? .. And you want a drug that you will also like it? .. Then thus quickly befriends banana ..

Bananas are among the fruits that are imported to us from the warm tropical areas. Banana is a very nice and fruitful plant, one banana can also reap the fruits 100-200. Bananas are divided into the fruit and vegetables, which have a higher starch content and is primarily useful for cooking, raw are difficult to digest. Vegetable bananas on the shelves in our stores will not see very often, but in some areas of the world are extremely important food, which for generations nourished nations. The so-called Star Fruit bananas but we can buy throughout the year, which is very good news ..

Bananas against fluid retention
Bananas contain high levels of potassium - element in our body performs an essential service - directs and regulates water retention in the body, promotes drainage. It goes very well with us, especially if we are among those who like to add salt to meals and profusely. Sodium retains water on the contrary, if he is in the body too much, we risk excess water retention, suffer swelling, feelings of heaviness of limbs, overweight, even we can also raise blood pressure. Potassium such mischief quickly corrects stimulates the secretion of water from the body and prevents a l s to the above mentioned health problems. It is also very important for the proper function and health of our muscles, nerves and tissues.
Other minerals represented in this fruit are magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc, for our physical and mental health equally important.

Bananas also contain a number of vitamins

On several occasions I have heard the opinion that bananas contain almost no vitamins, but this is a mistake. They are a very rich source of vitamin A, some B vitamins and vitamin C. Taking into account the saturation and obsahovaným biologically active substances are therefore an excellent and healthy breakfast or snack anytime during the day, give us both energy and essential substances for the body .

When you need a quick "kick"
The English word "kick" in English means "kick", and bananas just give us the right and positive kick. Amount of natural sugar is rapidly released into our bloodstream and almost immediately raises our performance and ability to concentrate. This was well known to all athletes, both fresh and dried bananas for them very often quick source of energy and stimulant performance.
They are also extremely suitable snack not only for children, due to their practical "package" you can take it with you anywhere and if we are hungry or tired, simply exfoliate our body and quickly deliver load power. The same applies to the so-called banana chips - dried slices of bananas that can be bought either natural or coated with a layer of sugar, honey, chocolate, etc.

Banana strokes inside and out
This fruit is so fine that we literally slips into the neck itself. It is an excellent diet with digestive problems such as stomach upset, disturbed the lining of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers) and diarrhea. Due to their generally well tolerated, nutritious and almost zero risk of allergies, are also suitable for small children. We can serve even those completely smallest, it is often the banana, which is the first solid food given to infants. Banana is one of the best food in times of illness or convalescence, will help us quickly get back on their feet.
In one of our previous articles we reported recipe for a face mask made ​​from bananas , our skin can benefit from the nutritious and healing caress.

How to properly deal with bananas
Bananas are harvested unripe and cold boxes are transported to the place of purchase. On our shelves is often found still partially green, but even such a banana us for several days in a bowl matures. Never or store them in the fridge, there are not ripen properly, while brown and soft. If we seem ripe banana or wrinkled, it thrown away, that would happen only if he succumbed to mildew, or appeared to be serious signs of advanced age. Even from overripe bananas can prepare delicious and nutritious goodies ..

Banana 100x otherwise
Recipes for treatment of bananas are numerous, especially desserts of them are very popular. We can add to pancakes, to fruit salads and ice cream sundaes, and baked into unbaked cakes and desserts, we can broil, bake and flame, popular and rich and delicious banana milkshake, or mousse with yogurt and many other goodies. But they can be used to modify the meat dishes as exotic Annex, or for baking.
Let us taste however, consumption of bananas strengthen our body, clean it and deliver a healthy dose of energy required.

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