Avocado - great source of nutrients not only for vegetarians

.. Are you a vegetarian? .. Pregnant or nursing mother? .. You suffer from fatigue? .. Trying to lose weight healthily? Have diabetes ..? .. You have high cholesterol? Need to strengthen ..? .. And while you still enjoy?

Avocado is an exotic fruit é, whose amazing nutritious and beneficial to health in our country finally slowly getting into the general consciousness.
Originates from Central America, where he was the original inhabitants for generations have improved from wild plants with much smaller fruits. Its cultivation gradually spread to other warm regions, we find him in Europe such as Spain and Greece.
This fruit has many varieties with different skin color from green to dark brown. Differences in taste are just light and contained substances is almost identical, depending on each, which kind of takes you.

Avocado and nutrients
This fruit is an important component of many food, especially for vegetarians, athletes and those of us who for whatever reason can not consume animal fats. The latter contains up to 20% fat, which is largely present in the form of health very beneficial unsaturated fatty acids.
Similarly important is the avocado as a source of protein. It is recommended, for example, nursing and pregnant women, t op of vegetarians, people suffering from fatigue or recovery and the overall strengthening of the body.
Other important compounds in this fruit are carotenes and vitamin E, powerful antioxidants that promote cell regeneration, relieve the body of toxins and have a very positive impact on the state of our skin and hair. Avocado also contains vitamin C and B vitamins, especially pyridoxine - B6 and thiamin - B1. The minerals in it then find eg copper, important for krvetborbu, carbohydrate metabolism, and our mental health, and potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and keeps our heart fit.

Avocado lowers insulin levels, helps with weight loss and stimulates our brain
Often there is a misconception that the high fat content of avocado makes high-calorie food, contributing to overweight. Most fats in this fruit but is based on unsaturated fatty acids which are used by the body to the other important processes and syntheses is saved as saturated fats. In an effort to lose weight is commendable reduce your intake of animal fats, our body needs fat, however, and it is unsaturated fatty acids are very important.
Substances contained in avocados also reduce the levels of insulin in the blood. Here we find many monosaccharide mannose. Mannose is a form of carbohydrate that is immediately used by our brain as an energy source, thus contributes to our mental health and psychological wellbeing.

Avocados are a nutritious mask for our skin
Already in the article " Home Masks - natural beauty .. " we mentioned the avocado and its beneficial effects on the skin. As its consumption and its external application have a very favorable effect on the condition of our skin. Masks of avocado are ideal especially for dry skin prone to wrinkles and premature aging.

How to properly buy avocados?
In store pick avocados carefully. Even tough we mostly fruits gradually ripen and soften for immediate consumption but rather pick fruit a little softer. To know the light creasing one finger. Too soft fruits, which remain after bruising a significant dent in the skin rather not buy. Also check if the skin is not dark spots and signs of mold, especially around the stem. To let the fruit ripen at room temperature and check its status. If it is already ripe, you can store it in the fridge.

Preparing to eat avocado
For consumption wash and Cut avocado in half, remove the contents of Pip and scoop out with a spoon. Then we can pokrájet flesh into small pieces or mash with a fork, it depends on how we want to consume. It is important to remove the pulp after peel drizzle of lemon juice to nezhnědla and lose their precious substance. Ripe avocado should have a buttery consistency, immature is hard, bitter and bitter, like unripe banana, is unsuitable for consumption.
This special fruit flavors gently reminds nuts. It is an excellent example of vegetable salad with French dressing, or other dishes made ​​of fresh vegetables. Tastes great on slices or crushed and umíchané with a little salt and pepper, which is quick, delicious and nutritious spread for both children and adults (children prefer less spice). Can also prepare it as creamy pasta sauces, have a unique nutty flavor.
Avocados are an integral part of guacamole, sometimes eat it with sugar, elsewhere with chilli peppers, even it can mix the cocktails and alcoholic and below. With consistency, the high-fat, avocado is a healthy substitute for butter on bread. We can scallop with cheese or soup prepared from it, its use is versatile, just experiment a little ..

.. addition of seeds, if not break it too when sliced ​​fruit, can grow very nice houseplant, we can walk the summer on the balcony or garden.

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The author Avocado - great source of nutrients not only for vegetarians: Michaela Vorlová