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Cinnamon - healing scent of Christmas 2006/12

Cloves - spice with medicinal scent afar and Christmas 2007/12

Coltsfoot Medical is an effective remedy for cough 2007/04

Corn - the nerves, vitality and beauty 2007/09

Couch grass cures gout, rheumatism and reduces cholesterol 2008/05

Currants significantly strengthens our immune system and blood vessels 2007/07

Černucha Gourd - you know the medicinal black cumin? 2008/07

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Heather cures gout, rheumatism and detoxifies 2008/04

Hluchavka cough for restful sleep 2007/05

Homemade facial mask - natural beauty for a song 2006/08

Homemade fruit tea - delicious and healthy 2006/09

Honey as disease prevention, the protector of immunity and cure 2007/02

Horse chestnut treat varicose veins and hemorrhoids 2008/09

Horseradish treat infections, coughs and colds 2007/11

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Jewish gooseberry cherry - gout and rheumatism 2008/08

Judas ear is healing delicacy 2007/01

Juniper - against rheumatism, gout and dropsy 2008/10

Kuklík urban 2013/01

Lapacho - a real gift from the ancient land of the Incas 2007/11

Lavender - healing touch for restless soul and body 2007/06

Lens - not only on your health New Year's table 2007/12

Lovage - medicinal plant maggi 2007/05

Mandragora - magical plant shrouded in mystery 2007/03

Mango - fruit for inner health and outer beauty 2008/02

Marigold heals not only our skin 2006/09

Med - a precious gift from the bees 2007/02

Mullein - gold that heals 2007/07

Nasturtium - miraculous killer bacteria 2007/08

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Oak bark not only heals skin inflammations and hemorrhoids 2007/08

Onions as a natural medicine 2006/11

Oyster mushroom - mushroom, which will prolong the life 2008/02

Pea - legume as a natural anabolic 2008/05

Peaches will refresh you and your skin 2008/08

Pepper as a stimulant of digestion and natural aphrodisiac 2008/01

Peppermint - captivating and healing 2006/07

Pine heals our body and mind 2007/12

Pineapple is sweet medicine 2007/01

Plums - healing fruits gossamer 2007/09

Pot pourri - aromatherapy and decorations for your home 2007/09

Purpura - fragrant charm of Czech Christmas 2007/12

Quince general benefit not only our digestion 2008/10

Radishes protect us against bacteria and fungi 2008/03

Raspberry and blackberry - prepare a delicious and medicinal tea 2008/04

Red clover cures diarrhea, eczema and bronchitis 2008/06

Rooibos - a healthy and delicious tea without caffeine 2008/12

Rosemary stress, rheumatism, and for better digestion 2007/08

Roses - gentle care for sensitive and dry skin 2008/07

Sage - Medicinal velvet caress 2006/08

Shepherd's Purse - a natural remedy for bleeding 2007/05

Spinach for health and beauty 2007/02

Spruce - cough medicine and articular pains 2008/04

St. John's wort dispels insomnia, stress and depression 2006/12

Stone Crusher - Chanca Piedra 2011/06

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