Apple as a healing symbol of Christmas

At Christmas we are looking for in the sliced ​​apple asterisk at the health evidence during the following year .. to theirs Cut open an apple, eat it with gusto! Apple, this is because health itself!

Apple tree originally comes from Asia, where growing like wild tree. But because people have discovered the delicious taste and the healing power of its fruits spread throughout the world. Growing on all continents in different climatic zones and breeding gradually created countless apple varieties in Europe alone distinguish them around one thousand. Whether we like this or that variety, regular consumption of apples significantly contribute to maintain their health, and what's more, we can also apple treat ..

Apple as a significant source of vitamins and minerals
Apples advantage is that, unlike in numerous other fruits are subject to the correct storage conditions and lasts for months .. may therefore our natural and fresh storehouse of vitamins and minerals throughout the year. The Apple find much vitamin C in the flesh, but mainly in the skin. Equally important are minerals stored in these fruits, especially magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Apple offers us many carotene, a natural antioxidant, and a lot of pectin, which is the right cleaner our bodies. The combination of these important substances of apples makes a true guardian angel of our health and strengthen our immunity.

Apple protects our vascular and circulatory system
For many generations, the apple is used for the treatment of diseases of the vascular system. One of its proven ability to reduce the effects of the so called bad cholesterol in the blood. This helps us protect against lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, varicose veins, heart attack .. and contained substances reinforces our arteries and veins, and even helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. To these beneficial effects could really use it for your health, we should eat at least 1-2 apples, which certainly is not a difficult task when you realize what other positive effects gives us ...

Apple and its curative effect on digestion
Our ancestors used the apples to treat digestive problems. This fruit is the true elixir for our intestines, which cleanses and protects against germs. It helps us in the treatment of intestinal catarrh and inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Eating apples is pleasant preventing diseases of our digestive system - as it is known, it is better to prevent a problem than to solve it later. Again, the regularity of eating apples is beyond the power of their effect, in acute cases, it works great and the apple diet ..

Apple as an effective and healthy diet - cleansing, weight loss and dehydration of the body
Apple is about one-third consists of pectin. Pectin is a substance that swells in our body, gathering into itself of excess fluid from the body and thus helps with drainage of our body. It will be appreciated especially by people suffering from swelling from excessive fluid retention.
Apple is not only used for drainage, but also slimming treatments, dietary fiber and pectin, which become binding fluid in the body of the volume, give us a feeling of satiety, thus reducing the amount of food consumed. The effect you can try simply that half an hour before a meal eat an apple and swallowed him a glass of water, with high probability, then eat a smaller portion of food than usual. This trick can help us tremendously handy just after the Christmas period - the time "allowed overeating" - which for most of us it means an extra Kilca.
Another amazing feature of pectin is that it has the ability to rid our body of toxins, binds them to each other and subsequently removed from the body. Examples are heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Apple diet is technically done so that sometimes we do apple day - during the day, eat about 1 kg of apples divided into smaller portions. For the most pronounced effect of omitting all other food, just drink, preferably water, fruit juice or herbal tea. This apple day we cleanse the digestive tract and generally ease the whole body, removes toxins and Oblazy us and our kidneys.

How to buy and properly consume apples?
This is obviously the healthiest fruit from your own garden, which is undoubtedly true for apples. But not everybody has that possibility, then we have no alternative than buying apples at the store. Unfortunately, most of the fruits which are commonly found on the shelves of supermarkets, is literally wrapped chemicals, different spraying against pests and fungi. These substances are dangerous to our health, it is worth many allergies, but also the larger health complications. So if you do not buy organic fruit with no sign of chemical treatment, we should pay attention to the way we consume fruit. Chemically treated apple is much needed wash warm to hot water and then cold. For small children, it is better bought apples instead exfoliate, come and although large quantities of medicinal substances, but prevents the chemicals are dangerous.
However, if we know someone who sells apples from your own garden without chemical sprays, certainly we should give priority over the goods from the shelves of our stores. While perhaps not as large, glossy or colored, but are not guaranteed dose of pure natural health in every bite.

I wish you beautiful Christmas and aroma of apples and cinnamon ..

The author Apple as a healing symbol of Christmas: Michaela Vorlová