Almonds for health and beauty at any age

There is no doubt that the almonds are very popular and delicious seasonings and ingredients for several millennia. They are also drug a rich natural source of substances necessary for both beauty and health ..

Almonds are the fruit of the almond general, a tree which grows to a respectable height of 5-7 meters. We can almond successfully grow only in the warmest regions, almonds us therefore imported.
Almonds, as such, is the core of the seeds of this tree, endowed with a very hard shell. The core itself is still covered by the skin, which is the first light ocher and later to darker shades of brown. We normally buy almonds peeled and unpeeled, especially in the period before Christmas, also in the shell. There are many variations in tasty and also very healthy ..

Almonds are a wonderful source of many important nutrients
In particular, are rich in minerals, have a high magnesium content (up to about 300 mg per 100 g), calcium (about 250 mg per 100 g), potassium, iron, and zinc. Also have a number of essential vitamins, such as vitamin E and B vitamins (riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid). Contain significant amounts of fat, but when they do not have to eat a reasonable fear that after we have gained weight, their unsaturated fatty acids are very beneficial to health contrary. Furthermore, we find them in the digestive tract beneficial fiber, valuable protein and less sugar.
Already looking at the above list contained by substances shows us what these nuclei will be beneficial ..

Almonds as food for healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and teeth
The high magnesium content in almonds is right what we need for flexible and shiny hair, strong nails and healthy-looking skin. Instead of synthetic drugs to supplement magnesium you can simply put a few almonds as a daily snack and already after 1-2 months to observe improvement. The effect is also reinforced by B vitamins and zinc.
Magnesium deficiency is manifested in many ways, such as being poor quality hair and nails, as well as severely, such as cramps in the calves, tic in his eye, nervousness, and even mental disorders. For children in the generation of a lack of magnesium to irreparable consequences, particularly in the lack of mental development and poor immunity.
Another benefit of almonds is that their richness in calcium is perfectly represented by the following magnesium, because magnesium helps to efficient utilization of calcium by the body. The importance of calcium for our bones, teeth, heart and immune function need not be too much to explain. Almonds are, as we have seen, one of the very beneficial food for beauty and health, for both adults and children.

For blood and heart health and blood vessels
These seeds are also attributed to a beneficial effect on the heart and the entire circulation. Contained substances can reduce cholesterol in the blood and adjust blood pressure. Effect of antioxidants also protect our arteries and heart from degeneration and premature aging.
The high iron content in almonds is the right to support hematopoiesis, including people suffering from anemia should almonds regularly include in your diet.

Almonds as an antioxidant and cancer prevention
Almonds contain a number of antioxidants, which protect our body from free radicals and cleans it. They are therefore considered to be among other natural prevention of cancer. Vanya herbalist Paul states in his book that he daily dose of 3-4 sweet almonds is effective prevention of cancer. Professional studies have shown a positive effect in people with diabetes and preventive effects for Alzheimer's disease.

To consume almonds is necessary to mention one important caveat: always eat sweet almonds, never consumed bitter almonds, which contain toxic substances and can cause strong poisoning with serious consequences. If almonds served to children, there is always a first for sure taste. Likewise, never do not eat spoiled - the rancid almonds.

Medicinal almond oil
Almonds are rich in oil, which is also pressed from them and used for many medical purposes, both internally and for external use.
Internally, almond oil is recommended mainly for digestive problems when external application is ideal especially for the treatment of dry and sensitive skin, because it can be found in many cosmetic products. Dry, aging and stressed skin nourishes and regenerates quickly. The minced almonds or oil can also add example nourishing facial masks, with the addition of honey can work wonders.

How do you like most?
Almonds are in addition to their usefulness in addition at least tasty, both alone, peeled or unpeeled, and modified in many ways. Normally we buy such as roasted, marinated in honey, salted or otherwise seasoned, coated with sugar, caramel, or chocolate .. or you can be equally just to taste and adjust yourself. Many sweets, cakes and pastries, without tonsils were not what they are, what about marzipan. But almonds are also suitable for example in some salads, vegetables and fruit to gourmet adaptations of meat, fish, cheese and stuffing or as part of a healthy breakfast - in muesli.

the sources: Medicinal trees and shrubs by herbalist Paul

The author Almonds for health and beauty at any age: Michaela Vorlová